An Eyas for the Rochester Falcons! 5/5/15

We are happy to announce the arrival of the first eyas to hatch here in Rochester, NY in 2015!

At 12:28 pm, we got our first good look at a pip, a small hole in the egg.

1st Hatch #3 5-5-15 MainCamera_20150505-122800

Falcon Fans around the world were thrilled at the appearance of the young falcon at approximately 1:47 pm.

1st Hatch #4 5-5-15 MainCamera_20150505-135800

Both parents, Beauty and, welcomed the new arrival.

1st Hatch #1 5-5-15 MainCamera_20150505-1507001st Hatch #2 5-5-15 MainCamera_20150505-151000

There are 3 more eggs in the nest box, that should hatch within the next day or two.

Click here to watch the Rochester Falcons!

5 Responses to “An Eyas for the Rochester Falcons! 5/5/15”

  1. June Kogut says:

    So exciting!!Can hardly wait to see the whole brood!

  2. Alison in Indiana says:


  3. Alison in Indiana says:

    11:02, looks wet and pink to me :-)

  4. Carol P. says:

    Eyas #2 arrived a few minutes ago! Woohoo!

  5. June Kogut says:

    We’re on our way to a really exciting spring!!