2nd Hatch for Beauty and Dot.ca this Morning! – 5/6/15

At approximately 10:43 am, Beauty and Dot.ca’s 2nd eyas hatched! Here is a series of pictures taken by Rfalconcam’s main camera showing the “break out”!

2nd Hatch #1 5-6-15 MainCamera_20150506-1043002nd Hatch #2 5-6-15 MainCamera_20150506-1044002nd Hatch #3 5-6-15 MainCamera_20150506-104600

Later in the day, Dot.ca brought food to Beauty in the nest box and he watched as Beauty fed the two young falcons.

2nd Hatch #8 5-6-15 MainCamera_20150506-1208002nd Hatch #9 5-6-15 MainCamera_20150506-1212002nd Hatch #10 5-6-15 MainCamera_20150506-180700

Sharp-eyed Rfalconcam watchers have spotted a pip in one of the two remaining eggs. A 3rd eyas should be arriving very soon!

One Response to “2nd Hatch for Beauty and Dot.ca this Morning! – 5/6/15”

  1. June Kogut says:

    What good parents..I never cease to be amazed by these wonderful birds..Or for that matter the Genesee Valley Audubon who make it possible for us to “see it live”! Isn’t Spring wonderful?? June