Happy Easter! An Early 3rd Egg for Beauty and Dot.ca! – 3/31/18

A third egg arrived a little earlier than we expected Saturday afternoon at 5:37 pm. Beauty usually averages between 58-59 hours between eggs. It was only 54 hours between her 2nd and 3rd egg. Nothing is ever certain in the world of the Peregrine Falcon! :)

3rd Egg 3-31-18 537 pm MainCamera_20180331-173700

Easter morning Dot.ca brought in breakfast for Beauty and we had a nice look at their three eggs before he covered them.

3rd Egg 4-1-18 MainCamera_20180401-070300
3rd Egg DC 4-1-18 MainCamera_20180401-070500

If Beauty lays a 4th egg, it should arrive sometime late Monday evening or??? Who knows! We’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned!

Happy Easter! May it be a peaceful one!

One Response to “Happy Easter! An Early 3rd Egg for Beauty and Dot.ca! – 3/31/18”

  1. Alison in Indiana says:

    She may have been early on #3, but the experts were guessing earlier than when #4 arrived. Full house now (I hope).