ROC the Day is on!

Join us today to ROC Rfalconcam. We’ve already won the $500 bonus for having the most donors between 12 and 2 AM. Additional $500 bonuses are available throughout the day to lucky donors chosen at random to have donations made to their favorite non-profits, so please donate! #ROCtheDay

The link to donate is

2 Responses to “ROC the Day is on!”

  1. Alison in Indiana says:

    Do we have another hour to target?

  2. Shaky says:

    No, the volume of donations is too high after 7 am for us to generate more donations than the followers of bigger non-profits. If were were to target another time slot, it would be the 4 am or 6 am slots. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be fair for Rfalconcam to ask people to be awake both after midnight and before 4 or 6 am.