2018! Another Successful Year for the Rochester Falcons!

2018 was a very successful year for our Rochester Falcons!


Beauty laid four eggs in April, but only three hatched in May. The fourth egg started to leak and was taken from the nest by Dot.ca. While falcon fans around the world watched, three eyases thrived under the care of their parents. Mike, Letchworth and Sundara grew up into beautiful fledglings right before our eyes.

#1 Eyas #1 5-6-18 208 pm#1A MainCamera_20180505-190100#2 Checking out the New Arrivals

#3 DC Watching#4 All 3#6 All 3

They were banded by the DEC and given their names by falcon fans on May 29th. By mid-June, they had taken flight under the watchful eyes of Beauty, Dot.ca and the Rochester Falcon Watchers.

We here at the Rochester Falconcam want to thank our many falcon fans and volunteers. We would like to dedicate this past year to our lost friend Donna Cook. As Winter grips Rochester, NY, we impatiently wait for the reappearance of Beauty and Dot.ca inside the nest box on top of the Times Square Bldg. With our new main camera, we hope to share every moment of Beauty, Dot.ca and their young in 2019!

Here are some highlight pictures from 2018. Enjoy!






28-sundara-on-powers-7-29-18-2Sundara 7-29-18-2

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