Read Mariah’s Story All At Once

Mariah on June 24 2009
Photo courtesy of Jim Pisello

Every so often we get notes from viewers asking how they can catch up on what happened to Mariah this year. Rather than reading through pages of Imprints posts, we’ve added a new category called Mariah Rehab. Click it on the right side of your screen to display all of the posts about Mariah’s injury and her rehabilitation. \

The eleven posts are in reverse-chronological order so you’ll have to go back a couple of pages (just use the Previous Entries link) to start at the beginning. We hope this will make it a little easier for those viewers who might just be joining us.

4 Responses to “Read Mariah’s Story All At Once”

  1. Kathy V says:

    thank you for the info, it will be quite informative, for sure. Thank you for all your work.

  2. Gail from Cinci says:

    So. The last I heard of Mariah’s presence in Rochester was 2 or 3 weeks ago. What’s the latest? I checked ‘Mariah’s Rehab’ and didn’t see any new activity re: M in Rochester. How’s our queen?

    Thank you for all your work -


  3. ei says:

    Gail-the most recent Mariah updates have been in the falconwatch section (home page, bottom of the left options list)…but the short version is she’s fine…hanging out in the gorge on the gorge wall and on the Kodak Tower after the workers leave for the day. She’s had a couple of visits in the gorge by Archer, but no aggression. Beauty & Archer seem to be keeping to the south, Mariah to the north.

  4. Gail from Cinci says:

    Thanks ei for pointing me to the Falconwatch. Lots of updates on M and A & B.