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Morning watch 4-30-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This morning the weather was good for the Spiderman movie people-at 57 (F) 14 (C)  overcast and a mild breeze.

As I approached  the Broad St. Bridge I saw wall to wall RTS buses lined up on both sides. The sidewalks were filled with bus riders waiting for their bus. Exchange Blvd. at Broad St. right in front of the Times Square building (TSB) was blocked off so there was no way in to the hole (Aqueduct St.) which was blocked off as well from Main St. I parked on Broad St. by the Blue Cross Arena (BCA) and the Court St. bridge.

img_6815-look-at-all-those-buses-on-bsb img_6816-exchange-blvd-closed-off-in-front-of-times-square

While parked in front of the BCA on Exchange Blvd. A New York City bus for the movie went by. Dot.Ca (DC) was late coming this morning to relieve Beauty on their eggs and finally around 6:35am he showed up chirping with a little snack for her. She took it to her dining room table -the base of Mercury.

img_6818-nyc-bus img_6827-beauty

I walked down the stairs to the hole (Aqueduct St.) and continued on to Aqueduct Park which is on Main St. across from the OCSR where I could keep track of Beauty and the movie making business. There were lots of people gathered in the street in front of OCSR including Rochester city cops and fire dept. Cars were parked on both sides of the Main St. bridge (MSB) and a couple guys were sticking fake license plates on all of them.

img_6838-beauty img_6845-new-york-city-cab img_6848-sticking-on-fake-license-plates img_6850

About 7:15am I watched Beauty fly to the nest box and DC fly over to the Mercury Money Bag (MMB).

img_6859-dc img_6861-dc

I was told by 3 different city cops to leave Main St. As I walked up the stairs to Broad St. at Falcon Watcher Central another cop told me I couldn’t be down there as he waited til I walked thru and then he taped off the stairs. I’d had enough for a while so I took off for Brighton to find Pigott  at 7:30am. She was perched on the northwest corner of the west extension and alone when I got there.

img_6865-pigott img_6867-pigott

At approximately 8:30am Pigott vocalized and flew to the cubby as DC came flying in from behind me over the west extension going north without stopping. I got conflicting reports from Annette saying DC was on eggs and Donna who said that Beauty was on the eggs.  Then  a minute or 2 later DC showed up at the nest box-I thought how weird that he would just come over to BS to check on Pigott and not stop. I checked around the building several times but found nothing-when I left BS around 9am Pigott was probably still in the cubby or she flew out of the area while I was driving around the building.

I decided to go up on the roof of the South Ave. garage where I would have a great view of Mercury and the TSB which is about the only places the Beautyful one and DC go lately. Beauty was on the base of Mercury when I got there.

img_6877-beauty img_6878-nest-box-from-south-ave-garage img_6880

From the garage the only movie scene I had was the intersection at Main and South Ave.-the rest of Main St. was blocked by buildings. It was weird seeing so many people on the BSB as they waited for their bus.

img_6876-main-and-south-ave-from-garage img_6894-waiting-for-their-buses-used-to-be-me img_6892-beauty

Up in the falcon world things were quiet as opposed to on the ground it was busier than usual in the city. I ended my watch just before 10am with Beauty on the base of Mercury and DC on their eggs. All 3 Rochester Peregrine Falcons were seen and didn’t seem at all bothered by the movie production going on below them. It was business as usual for them and for me as I left the garage smiling! 🙂

Click on the links below for more pics and videos if you so desire



6 Responses to “Morning watch 4-30-13”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    How exciting, falcons and Spider-Man – two of my favorite things! :D. Thanks for the great report as usual!

  2. MAK Says:

    You’re welcome Maureen! And thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. margaret Says:

    The falconcam captured some great sights for us out here, but I’m sure it was a pain for you trying to get around and do the watching. Only a few more days. Thanks for keeping on!

  4. MAK Says:

    It was different Margaret,that’s for sure! 🙂

  5. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Those movie folks sure got in the way of your most important mission, seeing and reporting on the lives of our first family. Peregrine Paparazzi should have the same rights as the Spidey folks.

  6. MAK Says:

    I agree Alison! 🙂

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