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Jim P- Thursday July 10, 7-9AM

It is no exaggeration to say that I got to witness the best flying of the year today– possibly the best flying I’ve seen in eight years of watching these falcons. I’ve collected pictures and a report of the morning’s events for your viewing pleasure:



9 Responses to “Jim P- Thursday July 10, 7-9AM”

  1. Barbara Says:

    (Los Angeles)

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    What a rare, extraordinary treat indeed! Thank you for allowing us to feel as though we were there too! Was there any word on where SusanB might have been?

  3. Janet H Says:

    Your excitement translates right to us! Amazing!!!

  4. Debbie P. in OH Says:

    The aerial maneuvers you have captured are truly incredible!!! Never ceases to amaze me how they can twist and turn and fly upside-down(!) while playing tag! It’s as if gravity has no significance to them!

  5. June Kogut Says:

    These pictures give me chills… Does anyone out there want to learn stunt flying so we can join the kids in the air? Think how quickly they are getting amazing skills, life savng information, and the courage to try just about anything they see their parents doing in and around the gorge. WOW !!!

  6. JenP Says:

    I think my favourite are where the fledgelings are completely inverted while they go after one above them in the air! I love how they can so freely do that!

  7. Jim Says:

    Maureen, I didn’t see Susan B during the morning but she was observed out in the gorge at lunch time.

  8. george Says:

    Quest says…..”Transmitter? What transmitter?”
    Z Man says…. “I get bonus points for ‘tagging’ the antennae!”

  9. Maureen in MA Says:

    Jim, thanks for the reply on Susan B. I began to wonder more when I didn’t see her in Carol’s recently posted pix either.

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