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Morning watch 1-28-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I came upon Beauty this morning about 7:10am eating prey on the base of Mercury.  CarolP joined me on the Broad St. Bridge shortly before Mr. t arrived on Mercury around 7:55am. He landed on the feather that sticks out of Mercurys head. Carol and I just laughed to see him sneak in for we thought he had left the area. Joyce was the last person to see him this past Sunday.


Suddenly Mr.t flew off toward the Blue Cross Arena where all the pigeons were lined up as they are every day along the roofs edge. They began scattering and he went into a stoop missing and flying back to Mercury. Meanwhile,Beauty was still on the base of Mercury eating away and not phased in the least by him. Again he took off down river toward the Susan B.Anthony Bridge this time after something smaller. I missed the end of it but I saw him reappear briefly and it seemed like he was struggling a bit to fly before he completely went out of view. Carol and I assumed he caught his breakfast and went somewhere in that general area to eat it.

I had to leave at this point. Beauty was still on the base of Mercury eating what was left of her meal. So I will end my report with a couple  pics of her.  🙂


One Response to “Morning watch 1-28-11”

  1. Debbie H. Says:

    AWESOME!! I saw you MAK. I waved from Main St. Bridge.

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