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Morning watch 8-22-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Todays starting temp was 67 (F) 19 (C) with humid and mostly clear conditions

I had trouble finding any falcons today. After no success downtown I went to the Brighton site where I had the same luck-nobody there. Finally on my return trip to downtown an hour into my watch I found the Beautyful one on the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT). She was on the lower red section east side with food.

img_0004-beauty-with-prey img_0012-beauty img_0015-beauty img_0016-yum img_0017-parts-is-parts

Beauty finished eating after 20 minutes and cached the leftovers on the beam she ate on then walked down a beam connected to that one and stopped about a foot away. She rousted (shook her feathers) a couple times and did some feaking (wiping her beak to clean it) on the beam. She also did some calling out and I wondered if she was calling Dot.Ca or the kids-in any event she was the only falcon around this morning that I saw.

img_0018-cache-and-go img_0019-beauty img_0024-beauty-calling-out img_0029-hidden-beauty

Around 7:30am Beauty flew off over my head as I was in front of City Hall heading southeast quickly leaving my field of vision.

img_0033-beauty img_0034-ready-for-take-off img_0035-see-ya<Click it

I took off on the hunt for our girl and found her within minutes as I stopped to have a look from the Andrews St. Bridge. She was on the top ibeam northeast side of OCSR. The sun was on her washing out my pics so I drove over to Bragdon St. by the Radisson Hotel which is directly across the river from where she was and still the sun was making her glow. I then ended up by Main St. and the entrance to the Radisson where I was able to get some half way decent pics of her.

img_0036-beauty-takes-a-walk-on-the-wild-side img_0042-beauty img_0050-beautyful

I hung out there for over an hour while Beauty did a lot of preening as she is molting-she was pulling some of her white chest feathers out to blow in the breeze.

img_0061-byf img_0064-smiling-beauty

Beauty flew off when I wasn’t looking and I ended my watch at 9am. Tho it’s kinda rough going from 5 falcons to watch to seeing only one today but I’m good with spending time with Beauty as she always makes me smile! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 8-22-13”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Tell that Beauty-ful girl I miss her! 🙂

  2. MAK Says:

    I will Ginny and I’ll see if i can get a wave out of her for you! lol 🙂

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