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Morning watch 8-23-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Clear blue skies less humidity and  a starting temp of 66 (F) 19 (C) this morning as I stepped out for my watch.

I had picked up Isabella at 5:30am and we went around the corner to the Brighton site in the dark to see if Pigott was in her night time roosting spot. No such luck so I believe she is either on a road trip or she is sleeping elsewhere. At 6am I found Beauty on the northwest corner of HSBC. She stayed about 15 minutes then flew west.

img_0006-beauty-on-hsbc img_0007-beauty-cleared-for-takeoff img_0008-pre-takeoff

As I arrived on the Broad St. bridge (BSB) I spotted her on the west corner top ibeam of OCSR. Since she had her back to me I drove over to State St. across from the Rochester International Hotel to view her.


I got a tweet from Larry who was on the pedestrian bridge that he had a falcon on the Kodak Office launchpad so I left Beauty to go find that it was Dot.Ca (DC).

img_0025-dc img_0030-dc2 img_0031-dapper-dc

DC was on the northeast corner and he flew south at 7:14am. I lost sight of him quickly as I was parked on Mill St. behind buildings that blocked my view. From there I went to the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) where I found the Beautyful one on the 2nd arm east side. I observed her from Fitzhugh St. in front of the Sister Cities parking garage.

img_0044-itchie img_0047-beauty-eh img_0066-hitching-a-ride

Beauty preened and plucked white feathers from her chest as she is molting, which will make way for her dark bronze color that we all know and love. She is already much darker than when the kids were still here. DebbieH stopped by around 7:45am on her way to work. After she left, Beauty turned around on the arm turning her back on me for a minute and then she moved in close to the pole.

img_0076-beauty-stretch img_0077-turn-around-look-at-me img_0078-still-turning img_0079-close-to-pole

Beauty started napping so I took this opportunity to go back to Brighton to see if Pigott was around. She was nowhere to be found so I returned to FCT. I found her under the platform sleeping.

img_0088-dreaming-about-her-jersey-friends-hi img_0090-out-like-a-light img_0102-asleep-under-the-fct-platformsweet-dreams-beauty

I had checked around downtown and didn’t find any other falcons on my way home thus ending  my watch at 9:45am. I was happy to start and finish my watch with Beauty including a little of DC in the middle to send me down the road with a smile on my face! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 8-23-13”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Tell Beauty I am dreaming about her too. It is lonely here in Jersey. I got so used to seeing her in the morning. Love the pics and videos….DC is darker too I notice.
    Thanks MAK!! 🙂

  2. MAK Says:

    You’re welcome Ginny-DC does look a little darker below his chest these days. 🙂

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