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Morning watch 8-27-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Talk about being in the soup-the humidity today is thick enough to cut it and it created some dense fog on the building tops making it hard to find falcons in the second half of my watch. The beginning temperature when I arrived downtown at 6am was 68 (F) 20 (C)

My routine since the juvies fledged was to check the frontier Communications Tower and Kodak Office first but I have changed that just like Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) have changed their routine since the kids left. I now start on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB)and work my way to the east where lately I have found the Beautyful one on HSBC and today was no exception as I found her on the east side of it.


Beauty flew off before I could stop and I next found her on the southeast corner of HSBC. There were crows in Manhattan Square Park (I was parked in front of it on Chestnut St.) sounding off and I also heard a cardinal chirping and so hoped it stayed out of Beautys’ sights. It did and Beauty took off fast after 10 minutes to the southeast in break neck speed and I lost her behind the trees quickly.

img_0007-beauty img_0008-beauty-leaves-in-a-blur

I drove down to Woodbury St. near Washington Square Park where I found Beauty on the southwest corner of Xerox. The fog hadn’t dropped down on our fair city yet. She stayed about 5 minutes then flew out above Bausch & Lomb and doubled back flyimg behind Xerox where I lost sight of her.

img_0018-beauty1 img_0017-beauty img_0020-beauty

As I went to find her I stopped on the BSB and found a Great Blue Heron down in the river who had a very large fish in its mouth and trying to swallow. At first I thought it was drinking as it had its beak in the water but then I saw that it had a fish. He would try to swallow  then put it down in the water again repeating this several times until he eventually got it down. You can see the big bulge in the top of  its neck after he swallowed the fish. BIG GULP!

img_0021-gbh-with-fish-in-mouth img_0024-gbh-swallows-big-fish-making-for-a-big-bulge-in-neck

I left at 7am when I noticed Beauty up on the  top ibeam west corner of OCSR  and headed to State St. to view her. I pulled over took a pic then tweeted it out and when I looked back up she was gone!


This is when the fog started to quickly take over the tops of the buildings in our fair city so I decided to go to the Brighton site (BS) in hopes to find not only Pigott but DC as well-he wasn’t seen yesterday.

img_0028-east-side-fog Click on it to see the full version

As I made my way past the west side at BS to the back (south) side of the building I spotted a falcon on the roof of the west extension and it flew off and around to the east side out of view before I had the car in park. I waited a bit before driving around to look. I thought it looked small and thought maybe DC but never found him. I did however find Miss Pigott on the east side 2 windows down below the roof top tree. She was soaked just like yesterday!

img_0029-look-at-that-wet-noodle-pigott img_0034-pigott-on-the-move img_0031-pigott img_0036-the-wet-look

And just like yesterday she was on the run going back and forth along the window ledge a few times before settling where she started from. I sooo love watching Peregrines walk and run-it’s funny as all get out!

img_0039-going-for-a-jog img_0042-on-the-run img_0043-shes-a-busy-one

I shared space with Miss Pigott for an hour or so then headed back downtown. The fog had gotten worse while I was gone so if Beauty or DC were up on the building tops I couldn’t see them.

img_0045-east-side-fog<East side img_0046-kodak-office<Kodak Office

I called it a watch and headed home at 8:50am with a smile for having seen our 2 female resident Peregrine Falcons! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 8-27-13”

  1. Ginny Says:

    I love to watch Pigott run. They look so cute when they run ♥
    That GBH sure was determined to eat that fish and I am shaking a talon uh a finger at Beauty! NO CARDINALS for her-Pigeons yes but NO cardinals-LOL 🙂

  2. MAK Says:

    Yes Ginny, the Peregrine prance is a riot to see! And it just amazes me to see how big a fish GBHs can swallow. 🙂

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