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Wednesday Evening Falcon Watch – After Not Seeing Any Falcons For Two Nights; Finally a Falcon, Make that Two! – 8/28/13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

6:30 pm to 7:55 pm

It’s been getting harder and harder to spot any falcons on my evening Watches.  After not seeing any falcons for two day (well, I did hear one on Monday) I was happy to find Beauty on the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT), just below the platform on the south side.  Finding a falcon there is very hard.  If you don’t get the right angle, you will not find them.  So, the Watchers have learned that they need to search the FCT from all directions. Today I was able to see Beauty from the Hochstein parking lot on the south side of the FCT.  She was tucked in just below the platform, in a small spot of sunlight.  Most of the framework below the platform was in shadow.  I set-up the scope to verify that it was indeed Beauty. (6:30 pm)

Beauty on FCT 8-28-13Beauty on FCT 8-28-13Beauty on FCT 8-28-13*





Kathy O joined me and while we were chatting with Rob, who stopped by and was checking out Beauty through the scope, Kathy spotted Dot.ca who flew in and landed on the top arm of the FCT.  (7:14 pm)

Dot.ca on Top Arm of FCT 8-28-13Beauty and Dot.ca's Positions on the FCT 8-28-13*





At approximately 7:30 pm, fellow Watcher Joyce tweeted that she was at the BS location and that Pigott was on a west extension windowsill completely across from the cubby.  So we had all three adult Rochester Falcons in view during the evening Watch.

Dot.ca stooped off of the FCT over City Hall.  He pulled up and continued flying east, flapping his wings rapidly.  He was on a mission.  Kathy and I lost sight of him when he flew over the river, still heading east. (7:40 pm)   There had been no vocalization by him or Beauty.  When Kathy and I ended our Watch at 7:45 pm, Beauty remained where she had been, under the platform dozing.

On my way home, I did a quick check of Kodak Park.  No falcons seen there.

I’ll leave you with a few pics I took last night.  One of the deer at the BS location and a couple of the Great Blue Herons I spotted on the river near the Broad St. Bridge.  Goodnight everyone!


Deer at BS Location After Dark 8-27-13Great Blue Heron on Genesee River Near BSB 8-27-13Great Blue Heron on Genesee River Near BSB 8-27-13

4 Responses to “Wednesday Evening Falcon Watch – After Not Seeing Any Falcons For Two Nights; Finally a Falcon, Make that Two! – 8/28/13”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    As a camper of old (81 this year) and with handicaps that preclude even walking on the beach anymore…even here on Cape Cod, I really appreciate seeing your pictures of the beauties around your fair city. Thank you so-o-o much for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. The falcon family was very successful this year but seeing the other natural places and animals is a treasure to me also Thank you!

  2. Carol P. Says:

    June – Thank YOU for the kind words. Did you live on Cape Cod when Quest was seen there? I was in contact with so many folks that lived there that shared their wonderful pictures of Quest with us. 🙂

  3. June Kogut Says:

    I WAS on the Cape then.. We retired to the Cape in ’99. I had lived here summers as a kid (in tents, family style). We lived in LA and Dayton Ohio until my husband retired.. Then I got my “druthers” for where to live and I chose “home”. I drove by the areas where Quest was seen and parked briefly, but never when HE was there (darn). I can hardly wait for next years go around, but this year has seen the best ever as far as ” our” falcons are concerned. Thanks again…;-)

  4. Carol P. Says:

    That’s great June. Just too bad you didn’t get a peek at Quest while she was there. The Cape is a beautiful place to retire. 🙂

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