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Falcon Watch Summary From 9/21 – 9/26/08

Lots and lots of Watchers out this week:  Carol P, Jeanne, Lisa McK, Dana, Larry O, Kathy O, Jill C, Susan C, Kelly, Sue(Bess), Jim P and Dan S.  Thanks everyone!

Mariah and Kaver continue to be spotted together on all of the downtown buildings in Rochester, NY, including the Kodak Tower.  We also had a couple reports of a 3rd Falcon!  We’re not sure if this is an adult or possibly one of the juvies returning to the city.  If it is a juvie, Mariah and Kaver would probably chase him/her away.

So whether it’s a juvie or a migrating Falcon just passing through, the Watchers will keep watching.

Carol P.

3 Responses to “Falcon Watch Summary From 9/21 – 9/26/08”

  1. Pat Says:

    Why would the parents chase away their own juvie? Is there that much competition for space?

  2. Kathy V Says:

    Great..keep us posted of any future sightings. Hope the other juvies are okay.

  3. Alison in Austria Says:

    Pat, once the juveniles have grown they are not really “family” anymore. They are no longer recognized (we think) and there are recorded cases of parents mating with children (one with grandchildren – but, of course, a falcon would not know its own grandchild having never seen it) to produce new offspring, because a healthy mate is all that is required.

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