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Morning watch 9-28-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

We are getting spoiled here with the lovely weather we’ve had this past week-wall to wall blue skies and sunshine once more. It was 51 degrees (F) 11 (C) when  I left for my watch at 6:40am

I found Dot.Ca (DC) on the south side of Xerox 4 columns over from the southeast corner, a spot Beauty usually is on when she isn’t on the 5th column over. These two love trying to confuse us watchers!

img_0001-dc1 img_0002-dc

DC flew west at 7:18am and I gave a quick check from the Broad St. bridge (BSB) finding no PEFAs on the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT),south side of OCSR,Times Square,Mercury or the jail tower so I drove over to the Brighton site. Arriving there just after 7:30am, it was a good thing I went there when I did for Pigott was out in the front of the building on the northwest corner. I literally had time for 4 pics as she stood up, pooped, stretched her fantastic looking wings then flew off to the southeast.

img_0008-pigott img_0009-pigott-poop img_0010-pigott-stretches-her-gorgeous-wings img_0011-pigott-leaves-me

Miss Pigott never came back while I was there and so I returned to downtown around 8:30am. I found DC on the north side of FCT under the platform with a full crop which was making him sleepy.

img_0012-dc4 img_0013-dc-half-asleep img_0014-dc2

Initially I was parked on Church St. so I could see the front of DC but I moved to Fitzhugh St. for a different angle.

img_0018-dc-from-a-different-angle img_0021-dc2

Since DC was napping I left to look for Beauty and as I approached the BSB Larry was just walking up the stairs from behind the Blue Cross Arena with Harold. I pulled over and got out to chat with him for a few minutes and then he was on his way.

After a good look around the city for Beauty I thought perhaps she had gone on a day trip or something so I went back to hang out with DC. As I sat in the City Hall parking lot where DC had  his back to me I suddenly noticed movement in the lower white section of FCT at the northeast corner. Beauty then stepped out into view for only a moment or two before flying off to the northwest. I was pleased to have seen all 3 Rochester Peregrine Falcons.

img_0022-beauty1 img_0024-bdc img_0025-beauty-takes-off

When she didn’t come right back I thought I would end my watch so I tweeted it out, packed up my equipment and pulled out of the parking lot. As I passed below the tower I heard echupping-well, I couldn’t leave after hearing that sweet sound so I doubled back and saw Beauty was on the same beam under the platform as DC only a couple feet away from him.

img_0026-bdc img_0029-bdc

Now I was truly ready to leave with a smile on my face after this short but sweet bonding session between our downtown PEFA pair! 🙂

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