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Morning watch 9-27-13

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

As I stepped out the house today it was 44 degrees (F) 7 (C) with mostly cloudy conditions.

My watch started about 6:45am on the east side of the river where both Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) were perched high up on the south side of Xerox. She was on her favorite 5th column from the southeast corner and he on the 2nd column from the southwest corner.

img_0009-beauty-in-the-early-am-sun<Beauty  DC>img_0011-dc

At 7:30am DC flew southwest followed by the Beautyful one and so I went that way myself to look for them.


I found Beauty on the 2nd arm of the Frontier Communications Tower but DC was not there at first. I parked at the end of Montgomery Alley so I could see her from the front. 15 minutes later she vocalized, spread her wings and flew out and down to the east side by the large satellite dish.

img_0027-beauty3 img_0029-beauty-set-to-take-off img_0030-and-shes-off

I drove to Fitzhugh St. in front of the Sister Cities parking garage where I saw why Beauty flew down there-DC had landed there with food. Beauty quickly moved to the north side across from him to watch.

img_0033-bdcimg_0037-bdc img_0040-thats-right-mak-is-watching-you

DC ate for maybe 10 minutes and while I was talking to a gentleman who stopped to ask about our falcons he feither left FCT or was hiding on it where I couldn’t see him.

img_0043-beauty-and-dc<Click itimg_0046-dc1<DC

I left for the Brighton site to check for Pigott arriving there around 8:15am. After quite a few days without seeing the elusive one I was pleasantly surprised to see her on the west end of the south side vent looking pretty as ever.

img_0055-pigott img_0058-tail-feathers-lookin-good img_0059-skating-on-the-edge img_0060-3-im-3-mak

She did some stretching which showed that her tail and wing feathers have all grown back and are looking good from her incident back in the summer. She was checking out her talons for maybe some food morsels tho her crop was quite full.

img_0061-back-it-up img_0064-wing-feathers-look-good-too img_0069-i-cant-look

I stayed with Miss Pigott til about 8:45am ending my watch early today to go to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge with Joyce. We hope to see Baron as he had been spotted there recently. I saw all 3 of our Rochester Peregrine Falcons on my watch and that my friends  makes me smile every time! 🙂

Click on the links below to view a couple videos


4 Responses to “Morning watch 9-27-13”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Thanks MAK! Give my love to Baron if you see him!

  2. MAK Says:

    You’re welcome Pat! Unfortunately we didn’t see Baron or any other PEFAs. 🙂

  3. Ginny Says:

    Pigott is so pretty MAK!!!

  4. MAK Says:

    She surely is Ginny! 🙂

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