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Falcon watch 3/21-23/11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hi everyone!  Monday mornings watch was abysmal!!! I could see very little with the rain and darkness and reflections off the street lights, but did manage to catch a quick glimpse of one of our fabulous falcons fly up from below to the nestbox. Donna reported to me that both Beauty and Archer were in the nestbox. And so I sat there in the truck for the rest of my watch wondering if they were still in there cuz I could not see! Some days it’s like that!

Yesterday morning turned out much better! I first spotted Beauty in the nestbox and Archer under the southeast wing of the Times Square building. He flew off behind buildings and returned under the wing with a fresh kill. He began to prepare it for his mate as feathers started to fill the air around him. Archer then flew down to the nestbox and delivered the goods to Beauty who was waiting for him.

You can just barely see the prey in front of Archer

You can just barely see the prey in front of Archer

DebbieH stopped by to see our Rochester falcons. Both Beauty and Archer  ended up over on the green strip of the Wilder building making eyes at each other. They are so cute sometimes. They both flew off with Archer going to the Old Changing Scenes Restaurant and Beauty going to parts unknown.





I went home at that point thus ending my morning watch. Joyce picked me up late afternoon for a watch. We found Beauty on the southwest corner of the Wilder building and Archer was at the base of Mercury. I told Joyce to get ready cuz I thought they might copulate and sure enough Archer flew over landing on Beauty for what Joyce called “the quickest happy connection she had ever witnessed”!


We decided to go to Kodak Park and pick up Brian before heading out. Upon arrival we spotted a falcon on the west stack lower catwalk. Shortly after, a falcon flew in and landed on a railing  just to the left of the east stack.


CarolP arrived in time to see both falcons fly to the south and out of sight. Brian felt like this might be the big tiercel that was with Lady Pefa for awhile last fall. Joyce and I agreed this male was almost as big as her.  Dana showed up just before we left to end our watch.

This morning I forgot my camera so there are no pics from that watch. It was clear and crisp when I arrived downtown. I saw a falcon fly up from below the nestbox as I have witnessed several times inthe last few days. It was too dark to see anything in it but I got a text message from Donna that it was Archer and then a few minutes later both Beauty and Archer in the nestbox. I never saw them leave but I did spot them on the top ibeam of the OCSR building. Archer on the south corner and Beauty on the west corner. It started snowing as Beauty flew to the east over the river and out of sight and of course while I watched her Archer slipped off OCSR. I spotted one of them on the northeast corner of Bausch and Lomb and it appeared to be eating. Couldn’t have been much cuz it wasn’t there long. I missed it leave from there. My last sighting before I left was Beauty at the nestbox and then flying off.

Please pardon the bad pics(I’m trying).  Have a great day!  🙂

5 Responses to “Falcon watch 3/21-23/11”

  1. Larry O Says:

    Nice wrap-up! Larry O

  2. MAK Says:

    Thanks Larry

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Gee, when are there going to be eggs? All the other nests I follow have eggs already – some even have their full clutch!

  4. MAK Says:

    Alison, we’re thinking in the next week to ten days. Archer returns later than most tiercels so we have a late start on egg laying.

  5. ei Says:

    Alison, if all goes according to schedule, Beauty will actually lay earlier than last year. Last year Archer arrived on 03/21 and this year 03/12.

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