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Kaver Has Not Returned Yet…

The Watchers have spotted a Tiercel (male Peregrine Falcon) hanging out in Rochester over the past week.  At first we thought Kaver had returned earlier than normal.  But, Dana was able to get some really nice take-off shots on Monday and they show that he is a banded bird, so not Kaver.

Mariah has not been aggressive with this male, but neither has she been totally accepting.  On Monday, she and the Tiercel were sitting on the top I-Beam of the Old Changing Scenes Restaurant.  They were vocalizing to each other, but it sounded more like a begging cry from the male.  Could this be a young Tiercel looking for food?  He flew up into the elevator shaft and Mariah quickly chased him out.  Hmmm, maybe he found her secret cache of leftovers.

Kaver usually arrives in Rochester during the first week of March.  We’ll keep Watching.

Carol P.

6 Responses to “Kaver Has Not Returned Yet…”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    The life of a Peregrine… very interesting indeed. Thank you, Carol!

  2. Kathy V Says:

    Oh I sure hope Kaver comes back, they are a couple, and have been for a longggg time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he returns.. Thank you.. will be checking in again for more news.

  3. Angela Says:

    Im with you Kathy! Im on the edge of my seat already! I sure hope Kaver comes back and M&K find their new nest box!

  4. Judy Says:

    This is the second time recently that Mariah has been seen near the elevator shaft at the restaurant. Would this sight be appropriate as a nesting sight? It seems like she is being drawn to this area.

  5. Tessey Says:

    Any word on Kaver yet? I sure hope he comes back! I remember when Cabot-Sirocco didn’t come back ~ that was upsetting.

  6. Jess Says:

    @Judy- The elevator shaft is a common perch for Mariah and Kaver. They spend a lot of time there in the non-breeding season and it is a spot where they cache prey that they have caught for later consumption. In fact, Mariah and Kaver frequent a lot of different spots downtown. The entire area is their territory.

    We evaluated the First Federal building for possible placement of a nest box last year in conjuction with the DEC, but decided that the site was unsuitable for a number of factors including proximity and likelihood of human activity near the nest site.

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