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Rochester Falcon Catch-up! – 3/9/09

So much has been happening, including a new pair that has been spotted south of downtown Rochester.  So let me catch-up.

I’m sorry to say that as of this weekend, we have been seeing Mariah and the new banded Tiercel.  No Kaver sightings, yet.  The Falcon Watchers have seen them mating on the High Falls Smoke Stack near the Kodak Tower and the Bausch and Lomb Building, downtown.

We are not yet giving up on Kaver returning.  We’ll still keep Watching for his possible return.  But, if he doesn’t return (and believe me, we’ll all be very sad if he doesn’t), we’re very happy that Mariah will have a new mate and will hopefully choose a nest site soon.

The Tiercel has been seen on the Powers building twice that I know of.  No one has seen Mariah or the Tiercel on the Times Square Bldg.

We have seen them on the Kodak Tower and all over the downtown area.  If they’ve chosen a nest site, it’s not obvious yet.

Here are some KGallery Albums that I’ve put together from the last few days.





As Jim stated, this is all new territory for us here in Rochester.  We’ll keep Watching.

Carol P.


20 Responses to “Rochester Falcon Catch-up! – 3/9/09”

  1. Janet mlinar Says:

    Carol and devoted Falcon Friends- i have seen a Falcon twice at Changing Scenes. Once flying out of the area above the elevator shaft and once, 3-6-09, the Falcon was sitting on the top of that building. I took two photos but i don’t have the big lens. it looked smaller than Mariah. i was behind the hotel on Exchange and had a good view of the falcon.

  2. ann greiner Says:

    Hmmm, it concerns me that this tiercel is not out hunting and bringing food to Mariah. That would be typical pair-bonding behavior. It makes me wonder how successful he will be as a provider during incubation and while raising the chicks.

    Is their any interest in the new nest boxes? Have either of the falcons started to rearrange the gravel?

  3. Pam Says:

    any info on the pair spotted south of the city?

  4. Maureen in MA Says:

    New territory indeed! It is sad to think that Kaver may not be coming back, and even more sad to think that something might have happened to him that prevents him from doing just that. But, it is exciting to have a new possible chapter ahead of us. Bittersweet.

  5. Maureen in MA Says:

    p.s. Thank you for the update, and pictures!

  6. B Swank Says:

    One thing I don’t like is that you have to be a member of the Kodak Gallery in order to see the pictures…

  7. Rose in Colorado Says:

    Thank you for the update and pictures! It’s greatly appreciated for those of us not close by.

  8. Kathy V Says:

    Thanks for the update, but it is sad to think Kaver may not come back, and if he does Mariah may already have her mate for this new brood. I to hope nothing has happened to him. Wish we could find out. The other worry is that they choose one of the nesting places. Its got to be strange to them. Keep us posted.

  9. Ei Says:

    Hi everyone-

    I haven’t commented much lately…trying to get a grip on Kaver not being here. Anyway, just wanted to post a quick note to update you until an on-the-ground watcher can fill in more detail…

    On February 22 Jill Church saw a Peregrine in Greece (near Rochester), read his band (black/black 15/V), and found out from Mark Nash at CPF his name is Tybropa-Cree. He was hatched in Quebec in 2007, rescued from a bridge, and hacked at a box in Scarborough, Ont. Same hack box where Linn was spotted in late 2007-early 2008 and was seen hanging out with him. Same tiercel who briefly flirted with Juliet (Syracuse) at the hack box spring 2008.

    On March 10 Carol P. was able to photograph & read the band on Mariah’s new beau…99.9% sure it’s black/black 15/V…Tybropa-Cree! He’s a real cutie too!

    More to follow I’m sure…Ei

  10. Ei Says:

    And I just noticed that Jess has posted a full update on Imprints…thanks Jess!

  11. Kim in Italy Says:

    Ei, it’s the first time I can smile checking here lately. Tybroba-Cree looks like a falcon gigolo! 😉
    Thanks for the update.

  12. Alison in Austria Says:

    He sure is young…
    Old enough to mate and help a falcon raise eyases tho’

  13. Maureen in MA Says:

    Does that make Mariah a cougar? 😉

  14. Birdlover Says:

    Since all the experts think he’s a ringer for Kaver – in the falcon world is it possible the Mariah thinks it’s Kaver too?

  15. Kim in Italy Says:

    Would like to believe it!
    Just recalling the falcon’s sensory world is so different from ours, they do see more clearly than humans..
    (I’m partly quoting, so that’s good English!)

  16. Alison in Austria Says:

    I do not think Mariah takes TC (Tybopra-Cree! and folks used to complain that the Kodak falcons got difficult names 🙂 for Kaver, but I think she does not care – important is a good mate.

  17. Alison in Austria Says:

    Whoops, got my R in the wrong place. Sorry, Tybropa-Cree.
    I wonder how they got that name. Cree is the name given to a first nations tribe, but Tybropa? I cannot find anything about it on-line.

  18. Maureen in MA Says:

    I wondered the same thing about the origins of TC’s name.

  19. Birdlover Says:

    So it’s all a matter of timing and the fact that for so many years Kaver’s timing was perfect?

  20. Ei Says:

    @Birdlover-I don’t know that it’s ALL a matter of timing, but Tybropa-Cree showed up at the same time Kaver should have shown up so Mariah was ready to accept the strongest tiercel available.

    @Alison-I did snicker the first time I typed Tybropa-Cree…I was thinking of the first time typed Ihteram…had to check a few times that I had gotten it right 🙂 Big Frank said the first names (there were four hacked eyases) were chosen by school children and the second names by the sponsor of the hack box. He’s looking into what Tybropa means.

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