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Falcon Watch 4/2 and 4/3

by Rochester Falcon Watcher Lou

img_0325-copyI did a little falcon watching Saturday afternoon with Dana, Carol, Kathy O, and Dan. Archer and Beauty were very active around the home base (Time Square building), taking advantage of a stiff wind to aggressively chase off intruders who ventured into their air space, including crows and a cooper hawk.

On Sunday afternoon, I returned to do a brief watch with Dana, Carol, and Kathy O. Unlike Saturday however, we had only brief visits by them. I managed to get a few decent shots, playing around with a new camera. Here’s an album with a few pictures from both days.


One Response to “Falcon Watch 4/2 and 4/3”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Thank-you for the great pictures.

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