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No News Yet – 4/6/09

Sorry for the lack of posting, but not much has been happening here in Rochester.

Mariah and her Tiercel continue to be seen in the downtown area.  We frequently see them on Midtown Plaza and sometimes the Kodak Tower.  There is no indication that Mariah has laid any eggs yet.

There have been reported sightings of the Brighton Falcons.

We’ll keep Watching.

Carol P.

8 Responses to “No News Yet – 4/6/09”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    Appreciate you keeping us up-to-date, Carol!

  2. Kathy V Says:

    thanks for the update..this year isn’t proving to be very fruitful..is it?

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    We have been truly spoiled by Mariah and her mates over the past seasons.
    Nature is not unceasingly prolific, especially when mankind comes in and disturbs the pattern. But even in the natural course of things disturbances occur and the fruitful days come to an end. The collapse of the eagles’ nest in Kent, the toppling of the eagle tree in Barton Cove both have ended the sagas there, or at least created an extended pause. The wonderful owlcam(.com – still up and still good reading) seasons came to an end four years ago when a fisher took the owlets and probably the male owl.
    A series of successful stork nestings in Freistadt Austria ended a few years ago in a failed nest and no new pair has taken over the site since.

  4. Lizzie Says:

    Wow guys and gals,… keeping up the positive vibes in this chat also I see,…Give Mariah a chance, I sure that a little bit of positive thinking couldn’t hurt either. The weather has been a little bit wierd this year,…ie have you seen the snow on the frozen food? Maybe they are just getting a late start to things,…I would think that they don’t want to have babies in the cold weather,….Last year I had baby birds as late as august,…Relax and let’s see what happens

  5. dsnow Says:

    Ameila is gone but there is a new falcon pair with four eggs on the Travelers tower in Hartford – falconcam.travelers.com. There are also three eaglets in the eagle nest at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. This is an awesome cam – http://www.wvec.com/cams/eagle.html

  6. Birdlover Says:

    The eagle cam link is AWESOME dsnow! Thanks for sharing that!

  7. Amy V. Says:

    While we patiently wait for our own pair(s) of falcons to start a family, the livecam in New York City is fun:

  8. Maureen in MA Says:

    @Amy V. – Thanks for the link! How many eggs does she have, do you know?

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