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Toronto watch – Quest and Kendal 4/25-26/11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Greetings to everyone who follow the Rochester falcons! This report however is about Quest and Kendal in Toronto Ontario Canada. Joyce and I joined CarolP and KathyO at the Harlequin headquarters parking lot on Monday where we met Mark Nash,Tracy,Kathy,Big Frank and a few other members of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. My apologies for not remembering everyones names. Immediately we were treated to a view of Kendal plucking prey on the corner of a rooftop.


Before entering the building we were given instructions by Mark to speak in hushed voices when we got to the viewing room for it was next to the vice presidents office and after all it was a work day. When we got off the elevator on the 9th floor their was a receptionist there to greet us and show us to the viewing room. There was a mirrored wall behind her desk to the left and straight ahead was a mural of all the published books for the month of April. On the wall just outside the viewing room was a sign informing people this was the falcon room.


It was standing room only as everyone went to the windows to see Quest on her eggs in the nestbox. There was a large glass bowl full of money on the desk for donations to help CPF pay for the nest tray and other work they do. Harlequin said they would match all monies collected. There was a scope set up behind the desk pointed right at our transmitter girl Quest. KathyO was so touched to see her that she cried tears of joy. I must admit it put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye as well. Our wandering falcon had finally found a home of her own after almost 3 years of searching .


The cameras were off and clicking! Tracy and Mark had plenty of stories to tell us, some of which were posted by Big Frank on the CPF website. These Canadians love their birds and are VERY dedicated to them to say the least. We share their passion and devotion as well. There were Harlequin employees stopping in every few minutes to take a look in the scope and ask us questions quite enthusiastically about Quest and Kendal and peregrines in general. We watchers soo like to act as ambassadors to these magnificent birds whenever someone acts interested. There was a rack of romance novels in the viewing room that we were told we could take if we wanted.  Carol,Kathy and Joyce were only to happy to make a few selections. While the four of us went to lunch Mark went to the presidents room and got a clear shot of the nestbox as Quest and Kendal were standing on either side of their eggs. This is his pic which I took a pic of off his camera screen with my camera as I was the first one back to the viewing room.


Joyce came in next and I said look at the great pic I got and she was flabbergasted at how clear and bright it was. You see the windows in the viewing room are smoked and the presidents are not so we all got a big chuckle over that one. I did ask Marks permission to post his pic in my report.

We were informed there was an intruding falcon that Quest and Kendal went after with Kendal returning to the nestbox and Quest escorting it out of the area before returning. We also saw Kendal go after a goose and shortly after that 2 of them landed on the roof of the building the nestbox was on. Surprisingly he didn’t go after them.


Kendal is quite the provider for he was seen alot of the time we were there either bringing in prey, cleaning prey, caching prey or guarding it. Quest and their young will undoubtedly be well fed. Here’s a link to a video of him on the same corner as the geese were on plucking feathers from a Northern Flicker.                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5mBCb1CL_0

The day flew by as it was 5:00pm and quitting time for the Harlequin folks. We said our goodbyes to the CPF gang and Harlequin people and thanked them all for their hospitality. CarolP and KathyO had to return to Rochester as they had to go to work the next day. Harlequin told us we were more than welcome to come back to view Quest and Kendal as Joyce and I stayed over for another day of falcon watching. We stayed at the Weston hotel right around the corner. After checking in we took a ride to downtown Toronto to see if we could find Rhea Mae or Tiago but unfortunately after having some difficulty finding the Sheraton it was dark and raining quite hard. So we rode around taking in the night life and lights of Toronto.

On Tuesday we arrived at Harlequin to have  the viewing room all to ourselves. On this day we met Donna Hayes, CEO of Harlequin Enterprises who came in several times throughout the day to check on Quest and Kendal as did many other employees. Everyone there is really into it watching the falcons and very friendly. We finally got to see Quest fly in between and around the 2 buildings landing on a building kiddie corner from where we were watching to the right of us. I watched from inside while Joyce was outside watching at the time.


We ended our watch at 3:00pm because we wanted to check out the Burlington bridge falcons on our way home. Unfortunately it was so foggy and raining so hard we could not see any falcons but we did come across a couple small islands along the shore of Lake Ontario that were packed with cormorants and gulls. Onward we trudged and as we approached St. Catherines the fog lifted and the sun came out. Such is the luck of a falcon watcher. Joyce decided we would stop at Niagara Falls as it was still light out.


I will end my report by saying thank you to the members of CPF, the staff at Harlequin and my friend Joyce for making it possible for me to see Quest and Kendal in their Canadian home. May they live long and have lots of chicks in the future. I know they are being looked out for by ALOT of caring folks! Here’s the link to pics of my stay in Canada. Enjoy, I know I did!!!  🙂


13 Responses to “Toronto watch – Quest and Kendal 4/25-26/11”

  1. margaret Says:

    Nice report, MAK. Sounds like a wonderful trip. You are all so fortunate to be able to make the trip and to be so welcomed by CPF and the Harlequin people. I still think it’s time to call in the Discovery Channel to document this wonderful story. How many Peregrines have been followed as faithfully as Quest? From egg to egg-incubator, we have her life in pictures thanks to folks like you and we know where she has been thanks to the transmitter. I wasn’t there, but looking at the pictures makes me tear up too. I love the pictures!

  2. Donna Says:

    Yippee, great report and pics MAK. Glad you all got to see EVERYONE and especially Quest & Kendal! He looks so much like Kaver. Good job!! 5 stars!

  3. BIGFRANK Says:

    Great accounting of the day MAK. A pleasure to meet you even briefly. The CPF Gang always enjoys meeting with folks as Peregrine crazed as themselves. Its a passion for us all.

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Kendal definitely has Kaver’s dark coloring Donna. He’s a very handsome lad. 😉

  5. Carol P. Says:

    Very nice report MAK and some absolutely beautiful pics with your new camera. It was soooooo wonderful to be able to see Quest and to share it with you, Joycie and Kathy O. I know I’ll be back soon! 🙂

  6. Debbie H. Says:

    OMG MAK!! What a GREAT experience for you all! I’m sooooo glad you had the opportunity to go. Pics are awesome. Kendal is from Kaver?? I missed that. Hope to see you in the morning so we can hug and jump up and down with JOY!!!

  7. MAK Says:

    Thanks ladies! Debbie-Kendal is from Canada but he sure looks like he could be related to Kaver. He is a gorgeous tiercel and I really enjoyed watching him. He also has quite the little personality. I’ll see you in the morning for sure! 🙂

  8. Joyce Says:

    Great report MAK! Love the video. You did a good job recording Kendal plucking his prey on the corner of the building, in spite of the reflection and tinted glass. I’m gonna have to get somethin’ like that to take videos! They really capture the memories. I can’t believe how enthused all the folks at Harlequin are to observe and share the happenings of these falcons on building (220) across the street.

    Yesterday when I went outside to look for Quest after she and Kendal chased away a 3rd falcon, people were asking me…is that the mom or dad; how many eggs, etc. I guess the camera gave it away that I was watching the falcons. I found Quest on the back corner of 225 (Harlequin’s building). No one inside could see her, so they thought she had been gone for a long time and were worried. Actually she was keeping an eye on her mate as he incubated the eggs for awhile. According to CPF, looks like only two hatches. Two is good for a new Mom and Dad.

  9. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wonderful report and many thanks to the Rochester Falcon watchers for making the trip as well as to the CPF folks for their assistance the the folks at Harlequin for their enthusiastic cooperation. Guess I am going to have to start reading those romances again….

  10. Maureen in MA Says:

    Awesome report, and photos! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! And I echo @Alison in Indiana’s sentiment with a big thank you as well to all the CPF and Harlequin folks for their enthusiam and willingness to share with us all!! 🙂

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