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Falcon Watch – 5/6/09 (12:30 – 1:45 pm)

I arrived downtown around 12:30 pm. My fellow Watchers Lisa McK, Dan S and Larry O were already there, enjoying the beautiful Spring Day.

There was no Falcon activity or sightings until 1:30 pm. After everyone left, I parked on the east side of Midtown where I had a good view of the ledge in front of the gutter we suspect that Archer and Beauty are using as their nest site. At 1:30 pm, a Falcon flew in from the north, circled Midtown a couple of times and then landed on the east side ledge. I hoped to see a changing of the guard, but a 2nd Falcon did not pop up into view.

I drove up closer to Midtown Plaza and waited 15 minutes. I heard a bit of high pitched whining, but couldn’t tell if it came from one or two Peregrines.

At 1:45 pm, I had to leave. Since the Falcon on the ledge had his/her back to me, I couldn’t tell if it was Archer or Beauty and I can only assume that the other Falcon was incubating eggs, just out of sight in the gutter. But, I can’t be sure.  During my watch, I only saw the one Falcon.

Carol P.

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