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Falcon Watch 4/30/09 (12:15-12:57pm)

I was able to catch a lunchtime watch in Rochester, before I shuffled off to Buffalo.  There were no falcons in sight, so I sat on a large rock in the grassy area across from Midtown.  After 10 minutes, a head popped up on the ledge in the middle of the eastside of the building.  It was Archer.  You can’t miss that white chest compared to Beauty.  He moved over to the northeast corner and proceeded to preen. 15 minutes later, another head popped up to the ledge in the exact same spot.  The scrape must be right in the middle.  Beauty just looked around as Archer remained on the corner.   

I introduced two Border Patrol officers to the new pair.  I gave them an update since they heard bits and pieces of what happened to Mariah.  They watched with my binoculars as I explained where this young couple came from.  Of course, I was asked if Archer crossed the border with his papers intact. 🙂

Archer flew off Midtown and out of sight.  As I headed to my car, I spotted Archer catching some air currents near Xerox. 

Here are some photos of Archer & Beauty staying close to home.  On the 490 almost to Leroy, I stopped to get a couple shots of a nest in the woods along the expressway.  This was my first time seeing a red-tailed hawks nest…plus it had a resident.



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