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Short Falcon Watch, Wednesday April 29, 8:00PM

From watcher Marcia L:

After dinner at Beale St. Cafe (great Cajun/N’awlins fare), I stopped on
Broad St. just before 8:00 pm. There was Beauty on the east end of
Midtown, on her customary ledge above the hoped-for scrape.

A couple of minutes later, she flew to the top of the fire escape on 50
Chestnut Plaza, the old K of C building. She called a few times, then
went silent. No appearance by Archer.

Shortly thereafter, Beauty flew west, past Bausch & Lomb. Both falcons
appeared, Archer carrying prey. After some soaring together, Archer
landed on the southwest corner of Midtown to eat his catch. Beauty
deposited herself on the roof of the old restaurant on Midtown, which is
on the south face of the building, at the level of the falcons’ favorite
ledge. This is where I left them about 8:15.

Nice to see both birds in the evening light.

Marcia L.

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