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Morning watch 1-27-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

At 18 degrees (F) -8 (C) it should have felt warmer this morning as I headed out the door at 7:10am but the wind made it feel very bitter cold. We had an Alberta Clipper come through just before I left bringing 3 fast inches of snow making for a slow drive at rush hour and the wind created white out conditions at times. However, the sun shone bright!!!

In my travels to find a falcon downtown I spotted one flying for a brief moment near the Bausch&Lomb building around 7:40am. I continued on and found Beauty 10 minutes later on the Kodak Office (KO) tower south side arch perched on the west side of it. 10 minutes later as I just started to video tape her the Beautyful one flew off heading south right over my head.


After it was apparent she wasn’t coming back I left and did a quick check of downtown-with no sightings I went to the Brighton Site (BS). As I rounded the back of the building and the east side of the building came into view I spotted Dot.Ca fly (DC) off the east extension followed by Pigott who was on a southeast extension window. They flew around to the front of the property out of view and half a minute later Pigott returned and landed on an east extension window. She stayed only a few seconds before she flew over to the southeast extension coming to rest on a window ledge 2 rows down with her back  facing me.

img_0027-pigott-taking-off img_0038-pigott-looks-a-little-grumpy-here img_0044-pigott

I got situated where I could get a side look at Miss Pigott-she always looks around a lot so I was able to get some shots of this pretty Peregrine! At one point she was getting sleepy but didn’t close her eyes for long as the wind would whip up and wake her. It seemed to give her a little attitude judging by the look on her face.

img_0045-feeling-sleepy img_0048-attitude

I stayed with Pigott for about 35 minutes and before I left her I took a ride around to see if maybe DC  was somewhere on the building-no such luck. I drove to the back of the east side parking lot and took a few parting shots of Pigott before leaving for downtown.

img_0050-i-see-ya-mak img_0051-pigott img_0052-pigott-preening img_0053-pigott

Arriving in our fair city around 9:30am I searched for falcons at KO but found none so I drove over to the Andrews St. bridge to have a look/see. Scanning from the east side of the river and working my way west-nothing on OCSR or Crossroads north side. Nope, not on Times Square or Mercury. No bumps on the Frontier Communications tower either and then-what? Is that Beauty on the south side arch of KO? Yep it sure was as I pulled over on State St. to check out our little sneak after I had just been there a few minutes ago! lol

img_0074-beauty img_0076-beauty img_0078-beauty

I shared space with our downtown matriarch for 15 minutes as she looked around her territory while the wind whistled around her.

img_0087-beauty img_0089-beauty

DC  was nowhere in sight as I ended my watch about 10am. I said good bye to Beauty and shot her a smile as I drove away! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Morning watch 1-27-14”

  1. Nora Says:

    Great pics again. You are brave in those weather conditions!

    Everything is closed here for 2 days. An ice storm is predicted, and FL has nothing to deal with it, and a population that has never driven in snow and ice.

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Be safe Nora!

  3. MAK Says:

    Hey Nora thanks! Good luck with your weather down there-brutal winter all around the world this year! 🙂

  4. Nora Says:

    Everything closed for a third day!!!

    I asked in another post, but will add here. What make and model of gloves do you recommend?

    All that I have are so old, and I know there are much better technical materials that would be more maneuverable. The gloves I have only keep my hands warm for about 8-10 minutes in 20 degree weather. And they are thick!

  5. MAK Says:

    I answered in 2 other posts about the gloves-generally I would recommend mittens made of leather or suede. Since I have to be able to work my camera and phone I just wear knit gloves. 🙂

  6. Nora Says:

    Thanks, MAK!

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