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Morning watch 1-28-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Downright bone chilling cold has returned to Rochester as it was 0 degrees (F) -18 (C) as I began this mornings watch with a wind chill factor of -18 (F)  and bright sunshine

I was pleasantly surprised to spot Beauty eating on the northeast corner of Crossroads after checking the east side as I was on the Broad St. Bridge at 7:24am. The best place to view her was from Graves St at Main St. next to Aqueduct Park and it had to be done thru the middle of a snowflake light on a pole on Main St. lol

img_0029-beauty img_0031-beauty-with-food-in-her-crop img_0035-big-girl-beauty Click on my pics to view full version

The Beautyful one spent a half hour eating and when she was finished she did a little feaking (cleaning her beak off by wiping on ledge), content with her meal she seemed to smile and then she pooped.

img_0032-beauty-feaking img_0033-beauty-smiling-after-her-breakfast img_0036-poop

Beauty then waved hi to me, gave me the A-ok sign and flew off to the northeast at 7:55am.

img_0037-hi-mak img_0038-that-meal-was-a-ok img_0039-beauty img_0040-beauty-flies-off

I suspected that Beauty had gone over to the Kodak Office tower so I shot down State St. and found her on her favorite early morning spot lately which is the west side of the south side arch. This is the first time I’ve seen Beauty with food in her crop since I returned from my Arkansas trip last Tuesday-this made me very happy! 🙂

img_0042-beauty img_0045-beautyful

So I left our downtown female Peregrine Falcon to check the Brighton Site (BS) after about 15 minutes passed as I knew she would be resting and digesting her breakfast. I arrived at BS Around 8:30am finding Pigott on the southeast extension perched on a top row east facing window with her back to me. She was very sleepy and had a fascinator stuck to her forehead making her look a little goofy.

img_0050-pigott-half-asleep img_0052-wake-up-pigott img_0055-will-someone-get-this-facinator-off-me img_0058-pigott

She did some preening and looking around her surroundings and still the fascinator stayed in place.

img_0061-pigott img_0065-youre-feeling-very-sleepy img_0067-whats-out-there img_0069-goofy-girl

Miss Pigott foofed herself up after a good rouse (shaking her body feathers) to keep warm and just before I left her at 9:05am she watched a plane fly over the building.

img_0071-foof-it-up-pigott img_0081-hi-fascinator-face img_0087-watching-a-plane-fly-over

When I returned to downtown I had a hard time finding a falcon and as I was stopped on the BSB there were pigeons lining the Blue Cross Arena letters telling me there wasn’t a falcon near by. After 2 unsuccessful trips around the city I decided to check the elevator shaft-from the Radisson Hotel driveway I was able to spot the back of a falcon which was blending in very well on the south side ledge. I believe it was Beauty but can’t say for sure.

img_0090-no-falcons-around-here img_0091-beauty

It was 10am and time to ease on down the road ending my watch with a smile! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Morning watch 1-28-14”

  1. WLABarb Says:

    And I read in the Forum that you also saw Dot.ca Tuesday afternoon!

  2. MAK Says:

    Yes I did Barb! Falcon watcher and good friend Jeanne lives right around the corner from BS and I walk her dogs on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, so if I don’t see a falcon in the morning I go there and check when I get the dogs. 🙂

  3. Nora Says:

    What type of gloves do you wear? This really cold winter here has my hands freezing within 10 minutes. Is there a make and model you recommend?

  4. MAK Says:

    Nora, I just wear those knit gloves that stretch to fit any size hands. When my fingers get cold I throw the gloves up on the heat vent on the dash for a couple minutes. And sometimes I wear suede mittens! 🙂

  5. Nora Says:


    So, you are in the car most of the time?

  6. MAK Says:

    Yes Nora, in the winter we stay in our cars mostly. We may be falcon flakes but we’re not nuts! LOL 🙂

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