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Falcon Watch – 6/11/09 (Noon – 2:45 pm)

From Rochester Watcher Carol P.

I arrived downtown a little after noon. I decided to check the downtown area first.   I couldn’t park on the Broad St Bridge due to traffic, so I headed over to Midtown Plaza. No Falcons in sight. I headed back towards Times Square and while stopped at a red light, checked ou the building. I’m pretty sure there was a Falcon inside the nest box. No Falcons on the east side of the building.

Then I drove around the Kodak Tower. No Falcons. Time to head out to the east end of the pedestrian bridge, where I joined Debbie, Shaky, Larry O, Jeanne and Susan C.

A quick check of the east side gorge wall showed Mariah with her back to us.   Shaky got his scope out and we got a really nice look at her.

During the Watch, Shaky saw a Falcon fly to the communication tower over the County Jail. As we watched, the Falcon flew back over to the Times Square Bldg, south side.

Around 1:30 pm, we noticed that Mariah was no longer on the gorge wall. Now where did she go! I walked out for a better look at the gorge wall and under the bridge, no Mariah. All looked peaceful downtown. I then walked to the west end of the pedestrian bridge and saw what I’m pretty sure was Mariah sitting on the SE corner of the red brick building near the corner of Smith St. and St. Paul.

At 2:45 pm, I left Susan C and Jeanne on the bridge. Close to 3:00 pm, I
received a text message from Susan saying that Mariah had returned to the east side gorge wall.   She sure does love that gorge! 🙂

Carol P.

4 Responses to “Falcon Watch – 6/11/09 (Noon – 2:45 pm)”

  1. June Says:

    Thanks Carol. Sure wish I could meet you and walk those “Falcon” busy streets. Thanks for the word pictures.

  2. chicki Says:

    “Our” girl knows Rochester’s prime real estate and “eateries”!

  3. Debbie H. Says:

    Thank you soooo much for helping me to see Mariah and for all you do. I so look forward to your reports and pray for everyone’s safety!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Everyone’s welcome to join us! If you get a free noon hour during the week, take a walk down the pedestrian bridge over High Falls and look for the folks with binoculars and cameras around their neck and ask, “Whatchulooknat?” 🙂

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