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Falcon Watch 6/9/09 (12:30 – 2:45 pm)

It was a gorgeous day for a Falcon Watch.  I met many Watchers out on the east end of the pedestrian bridge over the High Falls, Genesee River.  From here we have a great view of downtown Rochester, the Kodak Tower, gorge and points north.  Watchers today included Lisa McK, Larry O, Sue(Bess), Shaky,  Susan C, Carla & Jeanne.

During the noon hour, we were joined by approximately 25 children.  Very excited children that wanted to know where Mariah and Kaver were.  We explained the situation to them and their teachers.  This was the class that gave Diamante his wonderful name last year.

Just before the class arrived, Larry O saw Mariah fly into the gorge from the north.  She flew under the bridge and landed on the gorge wall below the shady tree.  This was a new spot for her.  We tried our best to point out Mariah’s position, but she was very well hidden.  She blended perfectly with the wall, with her dark gray back towards us.

As we tried to patiently point out her position, someone yelled, “there she goes!”.  Mariah took off flying north just above the gorge wall.  There was a loud squeal of delight from the kids as they yelled, “Mariah!  Hey Mariah over here!”  Now we were in the center of the pedestrian bridge and Mariah was well over the Genesee Brewery, so the enthusiasm from the children went unnoticed.  🙂

We watched her head north and out of sight.

Later in the Watch, a Falcon was spotted on the Times Square Bldg below the NE wing at the top of the building.  We believe that this was Archer due to the very white chest.  He flew off and another larger falcon landed on the platform in front of the nest box located there.  As I watched, the bird we believed was Beauty entered the nest box.

So, all three Rochester Falcons were spotted today.  All still seems to be peaceful.  Archer and Beauty downtown and Mariah north of the downtown area, including the Kodak Tower and the gorge.  Could these be the territorial lines between them?

Carol P.

6 Responses to “Falcon Watch 6/9/09 (12:30 – 2:45 pm)”

  1. Michelle Culver Says:

    Thank you so much for the updates. It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work. I look forward to every one and am never disappointed.
    What has happened to the falcons at the old Psychiatric Center Building?

  2. bluhawkk Says:

    Assuming territorial lines have been established, if Mariah was to nest where would she do so? Aren’t the established nest boxes outside her assumed territory?

    Are there 2 or 3 nest boxes?

  3. Maureen in MA Says:

    Here’s hoping that these are the territorial lines between them. 😀 Thank you for the update!

  4. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Mariah is not likely to nest this year. No reliable partner. Just because the two human-provided nest boxes are in Archer/Beauty territory, does not mean a pair in the north would be at a loss, A/B initially did not chose either of them (apparently to their detriment). If Mariah or another pair moves into the territory they will find something they think suitable. Hey, the “cliffs” of the gorge are original peregrine scrape material.

    I recall there being more than 2 boxes set out around Rochester. While the Kodak Tower nest was in full swing, I remember there being at least 2 other boxes elsewhere on the Kodak “campus”. They may have been removed, orrr the buildings may have been 🙁

  5. karen lang Says:

    I’m glad they have divided up the territory. Is there any chance that Archer & Beauty are still on eggs? It’s a crazy situation up there. Hope they can live as neighbors. We have 3 nests in the Pittsburgh area and each nest is about 3 miles from it’s neighbor, close but not too close.

  6. chrissy Says:

    There’s nothing like the enthusiasm of a gaggle of kids! And great to see teachers giving them opportunities to observe Mariah in person.

    Just catching up on the news and was so glad to hear that Wind, the female that Rhea Mae displaced back in 2007 has been sighted by Linda Woods in Toronto. Wind has not been seen in all this time so it’s great news to the Toronto watchers. Maybe Kaver will turn up as well.

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