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Fledge watch Buffalo 6-26-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I checked on Beauty this morning arriving downtown at 5:20am. It took a little while but I found her on the Kodak office tower launchpad.


She was being dive bombed by a small bird too small to ID. She flew over to the top arm of the Frontier Communications tower to escape it’s wrath! lol I left the Beautyful one there and went home to wait for Joyce to pick me up for our fledge watch in Buffalo. We went directly to Central Terminal where we found the 2 males and adults. The 2 juvie females were nowhere to be seen.falcon-watch-6-26-11-080-stella falcon-watch-6-26-11-009-stash falcon-watch-6-26-11-046-cl

We found Chessie on the back of the lower roof part of the building where she had been released to on Saturday night after being rescued..


We needed to find Phoebe Snow to complete the family whereabouts. Joyce asked if Marty the building maintenance contact could checkย  the lower roof for her and he did find her, She was down in a window well that was probably 40ft.long, 25ft. wide and 3 stories deep. He said she appeared in good health and uninjured. After contacting DEC, Jackie was sent out to check on the situation. She said there were ledges down there that Phoebe Snow could work her way out of there on her own. Less stress on her that way rather than rescuing. They will check on her tomorrow. Joyce,Sage,Roger and I went to lunch and when we got back to Central Terminal is when we met Jackie and got the scoop. Chessie was still hanging out on the lower roof but we couldn’t see her for quite a while. The juvie males did some flying with Stella and Stash and then they were fed. Chessie flew across to the nestbox flying in with both wings outstretched. Joyce and held our breath to see if she came out of it uninjured. She came out on the perch and seemed quite pleased to be back home again. My camera battery died on me well before any of this so my pics are from early in the watch. We left CT knowing everyone was safe and sound. Before we came home we stopped at UB and were treated to all 4 juvies flying and talon tagging together around and above the VA hospital. They were very vocal and exciting to see. When they were done 3 of them followed dad home to McKays tower for a meal and that’s how our special fledge watch in Buffalo ended. I had a wonderful time with all these wonderful Peregrine falcons. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the link for my photo album from the day:


4 Responses to “Fledge watch Buffalo 6-26-11”

  1. margaret Says:

    Wonderful pictures of falcon fledge-watching at CT. Now, I know I have heard or CT and it’s in Buffalo etc. Central terminal? Is it abandoned train station? What part of Buffalo? DT? or part of suburbs?
    Love the name Phoebe Snow. I never knew it was for a train line. Love the singer Phoebe Snow — who just passed away – by the way,
    Looks like all are ok.
    BTW – MAI – do you ever sleep? Watch at 5:20 this morning and then posting not so long ago?
    Whew. Get some sleep!

  2. MAK Says:

    Margaret Central Terminal(CT for short) is not in downtown Buffalo. It’s in a residential part of the city away from the hustle bustle with no other big buildings near it. Kinda out in the middle of nowhere if you see it from a distance. It is an abandoned train station and very cool looking inside and out! Funny you should mention sleep…I was very tired when I wrote my report and so it’s kinda lame without much detail, but I got some pretty good pics to share with everyone before the battery in my camera died. I sooo wish I could have gotten video of the 4 fledges at UB flying around. That was TOTALLY awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Donna Says:

    Oh Poor Phoebe, I was very upset that they just said to leave her there. We’ll see what today brings. Hope she found her way out. Great reporting MAK. Glad you and Joyce were there to report where she was.

    P.S. Margaret, MAK don’t need no stinkin sleep!! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kris G. Says:

    Great report and pics, MAK! Glad you’re getting some fledge watching in this year!

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