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Morning watch 6-28-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Beauty was in the nestbox when I left home for my watch and when I arrived downtown she was still there at 5:17am.

morning-watch-6-28-11-beauty-at-517am It’s kinda dark at this time of the morning lol

I parked on the Broad St. bridge  and watched for a little over an hour when the Beautyful one  flew out of the nestbox.


I had to get the truck home at this time. As I left I got a message from Donna saying both Beauty and Archer were in the nestbox. So the little sneak Archer pulled a fast one on old MAK again! I swear he must whip in there while I’m blinking sometimes. lol So about 40 minutes later I was checking Kodak Park.  No pefa in sight there so I returned to downtown Rochester and found Beauty on the top arm of the Frontier Communications tower.


She flew off  when I wasn’t looking.  I went over to the Times Square area arriving just in time to see a falcon fly into the nestbox. Donna informed me that both Beauty and Archer were in the nestbox at this time. As I drove down to Aqueduct St. sneaky Archer went over to the top of the fire escape ladder on the Wilder building.

morning-watch-6-28-11-007-archer-the-sneak morning-watch-6-28-11-009-archer morning-watch-6-28-11-010-a

He stayed there for 10 minutes preening and just being his cute self when suddenly he started working on getting a pellet up and out. I saw it come out of his mouth and then he took off. I guess he had to lighten his load a bit!


Next I found Beauty on Widows Walk on the north side railing same place I saw her yesterday.


She stayed there for 20 minutes and flew off while I was speaking to a gentleman on his way to work in the Thomson Reuters building. After checking the Kodak Office tower I found Archer not Beauty on the top arm of the FCT.  I had reported on my tweet that it was Beauty but after a closer look on my computer screen it looks like Archer.

morning-watch-6-28-11-018-b1 morning-watch-6-28-11-025-a morning-watch-6-28-11-030-a

It was nice to hang out with Archer today. I ended my watch here when he flew off to parts unknown. 🙂

3 Responses to “Morning watch 6-28-11”

  1. margaret Says:

    Archer flying “off to parts unknown”? WE know the parts Archer departs to!

    Pellets – I’ve seen it mentioned a few times. I kind of know it is the parts that the falcons do not digest — and I’ve always thought of it as a bird’s hairball. Is that correct? I think I was at a birds of prey exhibit and they had an owl who brought up a pellet. Is that what the Pefas bring up?

    How often do they bring up a pellet? Just wondering.

  2. Ginny Says:

    Great report and pics MAK!!
    Thank you as always! :-))

  3. MAK Says:

    Yes we DO know where he goes Margaret, don’t we? lol Hairballs is a good way to describe pellets and yes they are like the ones owls bring up. I guess they bring them up when they need to. I’m not really sure how often.
    You’re welcome Ginny and thank you for your comments ladies! 🙂

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