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Morning watch 6-29-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

There were no falcons in the nestbox when I left for my watch this morning. After I arrived downtown it took me about 30 minutes to find Beauty on the Frontier Communications tower.

morning-watch-6-29-11-001-beauty morning-watch-6-29-11-003-b

The Beautyful one and I spent 15 minutes together before she was off and flying.

morning-watch-6-29-11-004-b What a blurry take off shot but you get the picture!lol

5 minutes later I found her on the base of Mercury.

morning-watch-6-29-11-012-b morning-watch-6-29-11-020-b

I didn’t notice at first that she was picking at something. Once the feathers started flying I knew she had prey up there.

morning-watch-6-29-11-017-picking-at-prey morning-watch-6-29-11-018-b morning-watch-6-29-11-013-cleaning-up

Beauty plucked feathers for a few minutes, picked at this small morsel for a few and then preened and cleaned herself up. I thought to myself maybe she is making herself presentable for when Archer comes a callin’! So I stayed on the Broad St. bridge watching Beauty until she flew off.  It was perfect timing for I had to be flying off as well. Keep your eyes to the sky everyone! 🙂

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