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Fledge watch 7-26-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

There was a sunsational sunrise as I stepped out my apartment this morning and looked out from the east side balcony. It was a bit hazy and cloudy with sun and a temperature of 60 (F) 16 (C)

img_0002-sunrise img_0003-sunrise

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I was surprised Dan wasn’t out this morning-as I made my way downtown via St. Paul St. which goes past the Genesee Brewery and the east side of the High Falls I check the parking lot to see if his car is there every day. Not there and not on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB). As a matter of fact, I didn’t see any falcons from the BSB either so I headed over to the east side and sure enough when I pulled over on Woodbury St. to have a look I spotted a juvie way up on the west side roof of the tallest building in Rochester-Xerox.


Judging by the size I believe it was one of the girls-she flew off and gave me a nice show flying above Xerox and riding the wind currents,landing on the roof top antenna then seemingly floating off to fly around some more. All of a sudden I had 3 juvies in the air chasing each other ,talon tagging and landing on Bausch & Lomb. You can see it all on todays videos at the end of my report.


They all dispersed and I didn’t see where they went as buildings were blocking my view, so I went for another drive ending up on State St. below Kodak Office where I spotted Dot.Ca (DC) on the cupola.

img_0018-dc img_0025-dc

I left the big guy to look for juvies and I found one on Mercurys’ head from the BSB. While standing on the north side of the bridge I couldn’t help but notice a Great Blue Heron all by itself down in the river, which was a bit higher than it’s been and covering some of the rocks. While I was taping him, the juvie whom I believe was Tesh slipped off of Mercury.

img_0032-juvie-looks-like-beauty img_0035-looking-east-toward-xerox img_0036-no-tape-on-leg-band-tesh img_0042-tesh img_0040-gbh

It was a while before I saw another falcon-Larry was on the Pont De Rennes pedestrian bridge at High Falls so I joined him. Soon after I arrived I found my 2nd GBH on the north side of the bridge and Larry spotted DC on KO building #10 on what they call Acons’ peak from Mariah & Kaver days.

img_0046-gbh-north-of-high-falls img_0049-acons-peak img_0050-dc1

Then Larry spotted who I believe was Tesh, in the Falcon Sucking Tree (FST)-she flew off over the falls and the east side park and trees back and forth a few times before returning to the FST. Moments later she flew under bridge to the north side, back under to the south side, then back under to the north one more time chasing a Kingfisher. She disappeared into the trees and we didn’t see her come back out.

img_0055-tesh img_0058-tesh-in-falcon-sucking-tree img_0060-fst

Meanwhile, DC flew off Acons’ peak circled around a couple times then landed back on the KO cupola-and there was a juvie on the southwest corner of the KO playpen that flew off as Dana joined the watch.

img_0065-dc img_0068-dc-on-cupola img_0072-who-dat img_0073-juvie-and-dc

I then noticed a juvie on the 17th floor of KO southeast corner. DC remained on the cupola and I got ready to end my watch around 9:15am.

img_0076-juvie img_0078-ko-17th-floor-southeast-corner

I said my good byes and left but my watch wasn’t over for as I drove down Seth Green Drive to my apartment at Seneca Towers I spotted Veteran on a roof top railing by 2 red lights that flash for airplanes. He was preening and looking south toward downtown most of the time I observed him. I do hope he doesn’t go downtown and mix it up with DC or any of the rest of the clan. After the sudden death of his 1 year old mate Luzerne I want him to find a new mate and stick to his own territory.

img_0082-veteran img_0085-st-west-side img_0090-veteran img_0091-veteran img_0094-veteran

Although it saddens me knowing Veteran is alone now, I must smile over the fact that he hasn’t moved on so far! 🙂

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8 Responses to “Fledge watch 7-26-14”

  1. tapper gal Says:

    My condolences over the loss of the Seneca Towers Falcon,i was saddened to read that news.Thoughts are with you.Diane

  2. June Kogut Says:

    It is so amazing to me that you know all these falcons so intimately… Names and histories … lost mates…the ins and outs of all their lives. Amazing and wonderful, too,
    that we are finally paying attention to them and the reality of how close they were to extinction. Thanks MAK for caring (and sharing).

    AND thanks for those amazing sunrise pics!!!

  3. patsy6 Says:

    Great shots all, MAK, particularly of the GBH and the FST. I too hope that Veteran finds another mate soon and doesn’t come looking downtown.

  4. MAK Says:

    Thanks for that Diane.

    June, I’m only too happy to share-the caring part is easy and the knowing them so intimately, well that just comes with the territory. Isn’t that sunrise something!?

    Pat, that is my biggest concern now that Veteran is on his own-he will be looking for another mate at some point. We’ll just have to hope for the best and keep our eye on the situation. 🙂

  5. Joyce Says:

    Maybe Billy will come back to check out ST where she was first spotted. Great sunset and I love that pic of the GBH. It’s a contest photo!

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  7. Bobbie Ireland Says:

    Oooooo! Veteran! Stay put and wait for a mate! And MAK, as you may remember, I LOVE the herons!!!

  8. MAK Says:

    Thanks Joyce it would be great if Veteran hooked up with Billy.

    No problem Countrykitchens.

    I do remember Bobbie-shocking to me, considering how much I DON’T remember! lol

    home remodeling, I’m sorry to say I can’t help you but I’m happy to hear you like my blog! 🙂

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