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Fledge watch 8-1-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Well another morning started with some thunder and rain but it cleared out by 6:30am or so and then it was partly cloudy with a starting temperature of 62 (F) 17 (C)

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So I took my time getting downtown today as it was a bit stormy at first but after the rain stopped I was off to the races spotting my first juvie on the 2nd arm of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) from the Court St. Bridge.


I drove over to Fitzhugh St. arriving just in time to see 2 more juvies land on the platform and railing of FCT.

img_0002-juvies-on-platform img_0007-juvie-on-fct-platform-railing img_0012-dark-juvie-may-be-mercury

The platform juvie moved up to the south side railing before all 3 juvies took off to the south.

img_0016-juvies-on-fct img_0017-3-juvies-on-fct

I caught up with 2 of them on the jail tower-at first I only saw one from Plymouth Ave. but when I got to Troup St. I spotted the 2nd one hiding in the middle.


Soon after one of them stooped and the 2nd juvie flew off to the north. As I headed north myself I spotted a falcon fly off the top arm of FCT head north and go into  stoop near the pine trees at the back of the Kodak Office (KO) parking lot. I then found Dot.Ca (DC) on the northeast corner of the KO launchpad.

img_0026-dc-bless-his-little-heart img_0035-falcon-power

I got a tweet from watcher Pat that she had seen juvies on Mercury so I left DC to look for them but they were gone when  arrived. I returned to KO to find DC gone as well-these are the trials of a falcon watcher! lol No worries for 10 minutes later a juvie appeared on the northeast corner of the KO launchpad. I was able to ID her as Nettie and she was preening and whining.

img_0041-juvie-squawking img_0048-nettie

I soon found out why she was talking-as she went around the corner to the north side where I couldn’t see her, Mercury suddenly appeared on the east side-from where I have no idea. Nettie then showed herself again. They started running around the rockets after Mercury walked down to the southeast corner of the launchpad. They were really making me chuckle at their antics.

img_0052-mercury-appears img_0057-mercury-left-nettie-right img_0059-mercury-on-the-move

img_0065-both-are-preening <Click em> img_0094-am-i-scaring-you-bro

They also did some preening and napping during their stay. They spotted Beauty to the north (I mistakenly tweeted DC at the time) and flew out to greet her. I believe she had food and that an exchange was made to Mercury.

img_0103-nettie<Nettie  img_0118-beautyful<Beauty>img_0123-beauty
After a lot of screaming and flying the Beautyful one landed on the southeast corner of the launchpad, Mercury landed on the northeast corner of the 17th floor of KO and Nettie kept flying past Mercury yelling at him cuz he had food.

img_0125-gonna-get-you img_0126-caution-juvies-at-play img_0127-im-outta-here

Nettie finally got Mercury off the building and they ended up on building 10, which is located north of the KO tower. Nettie was on the roof and Tesh was on the edge with Mercury.  They kept going on and off the roof and vocalizing over the food. I believe he ate the bulk of it.

img_0144-tesh-right img_0147-2-juvies-going-down-on-roof

Nettie flew off and knocked Beauty off the launchpad and landed on the northwest corner. After flying past Nettie a few times Beauty went over and joined Mercury as Tesh went on the roof out of sight.

img_0149-beauty-takes-off img_0150-juvie-pointing-her-wing-at-beauty img_0157-molting-feathers-on-beauty

At some point Mercury ended up with a wing and brought it up on the edge. Beauty just stayed perched while she supervised the situation. Nettie came down and joined the mix too. Beauty got yelled at by one of them and having enough flew off to the southeast, then that same juvie rushed Mercury, who mantled his prize.

img_0168-mercury-has-a-wing-and-a-bee img_0171-mom-being-yelled-at<Click it  img_0174-1-rushing-and-1-mantling

I don’t know if Tesh was on the roof the whole time or if she left and I missed it but the boys were on the edge of building 10. Nettie flew up to the north side of the KO launchpad with a full crop and seemed to be nibbling on something still. I believe Nor’Easter was the last one I saw eating.

img_0178-nettie img_0181-right-juvie-talking-to-bee img_0190-dont-turn-your-back-to-me img_0195-hey-yo-i-said-dont-turn-your-back-on-me img_0197-nettie-minding-her-business

I figured they’d be ready for naps after they finished eating so I chose to end my watch at 10:30am. Although I never got a positive ID on Nor’Easter I’m pretty sure I saw all 4 juvies plus mom and dad, which totally sent me on my way smiling! 🙂

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4 Responses to “Fledge watch 8-1-14”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    Smiling with you…

  2. MAK Says:


  3. Bobbie Ireland Says:

    Love the image of Beauty being knocked off the ledge! The things Moms put up with!!

  4. MAK Says:

    Bobbie it’s such a riot when the juvies knock their parents off stuff! Juvies are so much fun to hang out with-they bring a smile to my face for sure! 🙂

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