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Morning watch-Positive ID of Billie 8-25-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another beautiful morning for a falcon watch with blue skies, sunshine and a starting temperature of 60 (F) 16 (C)

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As is my usual routine of late I check from the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) first, then to the Broad St. bridge (BSB) and last the east side. I found both Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) on the east side of HSBC-she was on the southeast corner and he was on the northeast corner-bookends.

img_0001-beauty img_0006-bookends<Click itΒ  img_0009-dc

They had their backs to me and as I had my camera fixed on DC while taping a video of them the Beautyful one left the building. From where I was parked at the back of the parking lot at the Inn on Broadway I could see the RGS antenna which is where she flew to. 15 minutes later DC left when I wasn’t looking so I drove over to East Ave. for a closer view of Beauty.

img_0013-beauty-on-rgs-antenna-seen-from-inn-at-broadway img_0016-dc img_0020-beauty2

She hung out for 20 minutes preening as she continues with a molt (pulling out many down white feathers) and rousing before taking off to the west out of view.

img_0026-head-scratcher img_0027-pooparazzi img_0028-thar-she-goes-followed-by-a-molted-feather

A trip around downtown yielded me a sighting of DC from the ASB around 7:35am-he was on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications tower (FCT).


I went to the City Hall parking lot to observe him in the rising sunlight making him look quite white and dapper. He stayed there looking around the area very alertly. At 8:10am DC flew north low and fast past the pine trees that line the south end of the Kodak Office parking lot leaving my field of vision.

img_0036-dc-ate img_0041-hi-handsome

img_0045-dc-takes-off img_0046-dc img_0047-off-he-goes

A few minutes later DC flew in from the east and landed on a beam right below the platform on the east side. All I could see of him was his back and side. As I made my way down to the other end of Fitzhugh St. it only got worse as a beam was blocking his head from view. Finally, from below him I got a look at his profile-the white over the cere gave him away.

img_0049-dc-hiding-under-fct-platform img_0053-dc

DC was looking mostly straight ahead of him and I got the feeling Beauty was up there somewhere so I started checking the tower from all sides. When I pulled over on Plymouth Ave. I had a clear view of Beauty on a west side beam that was across from DC whom I could not see from this vantage point.

img_0057-beauty1 img_0059-beautyful

I left them to it around 9:30am and headed home down St. Paul St.-I wanted to check the Kodak Hawkeye plant for Veteran or possibly the banded female I had seen on a window ledge at Seneca Towers a couple days ago. Joyce checked her out later as well and we were pretty darn sure it was Billie (the official spelling is Billy but the DEC wants us to spell it Billie so as not to create any confusion about her gender)Β  from Central Terminal in Buffalo,NY. No sightings there-continuing on to Seneca Towers where I live on the 16th floor I stopped on Seth Green Drive where there’s a spot you can see the west and south sides of the building thru the trees. Nothing along the roof line and just as I was going to pull my binoculars down and call it a watch I spotted a big falcon with its back to me on a 21st floor window air conditioner on the west side.

img_0072-billy-location-shot<Click it

img_0066-first-pic-of-billy-from-ground img_0068-some-juvie-brown-left-at-ends-of-her-wings img_0069-leg-shot-not-clear img_0071-pigott-from-seth-green-drive

I thought I better get hopping to see if I could get up the slow-go elevator in time to see this big girl from the 21st floor balcony. I was shaking with anticipation and when I walked out on that balconyΒ  and saw how close she was I thought I died and went to heaven. I sat down on a bench and tried to make as little movement as possible so I wouldn’t scare her off. I was very happy that my presence didn’t seem to bother her at all. Let me introduce you to Billie, a 2013 offspring of Gleig (Daughter of Madame X and Surge and Pigotts sister) and our own Rochester born, Diamante (son of Mariah and Kaver). Black over green leg band 77/AX

img_0074-buffalo-billy img_0075-aint-she-sweet img_0081-positive-id-of-billy img_0084-billy

Right around 9:55am Billie softly vocalized and flew off while I was taping her. I did my best to catch up with her as she flew above the tree canopy, over the river, back and forth under the Veterans bridge before she looped up under the south side of the bridge where I couldn’t see her. Now my watch was over as I took the elevator down 5 floors to my apartment smiling and shaking wildly from what I was lucky enough to have just witnessed! πŸ™‚

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13 Responses to “Morning watch-Positive ID of Billie 8-25-14”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Thanks, MAK! Billie’s gorgeous, no matter how we spell her name!

  2. Patricia Rose Says:

    Such good news! She is a gorgeous girl, for sure! Welcome Billie!

  3. kathy from toronto Says:

    She’s soooo beautiful MAK, really stunning! I hope she sticks around with Veteran and they nest on your balcony so you can baby site the kids πŸ™‚

  4. Camp Says:

    We all knew you’d find out for sure who this girl was, good job MAK.

  5. MAK Says:

    Pat, I always spelled it Billie (proper gender spelling)

    Patricia, she really is a gorgeous Peregrine!

    Kathy, that would be so cool if I could babysit the kids!

    Thanks Camp! πŸ™‚

  6. Nancy Says:

    Congrats on finally getting proof of Billie’s identity, MAK! She is beautiful! I like Kathy’s thought that they nest on your balcony so you can babysit. πŸ™‚

  7. MAK Says:

    Thanks Nancy, I can think of nothing better to babysit! πŸ™‚

  8. Alison in Indiana Says:

    However, I hope they find another scrape than your balcony because, while that might be great for you, your downstairs neighbors might agitate to have them removed once the feathers and bits of prey start falling from the “sky”.

  9. Carol P. Says:

    Beautiful pics of Billy/ie MAK. πŸ™‚

  10. MAK Says:

    No Alison,its of prey wouldn’t be a good thing since the main entrance to Seneca Towers is below my apartment and the west side balconies for each floor.

    Thanks Carol. πŸ™‚

  11. WLABarb Says:

    Doesn’t get much better, MAK! Billie’s probably trying to locate your “scrape!” ;^)

  12. MAK Says:

    Haha Barb!! πŸ™‚

  13. Bobbie Ireland Says:

    Great big round of applause, MAK!!! Yaaaaaaaay for you!!! You deserve the credit (big time!) for this ID!!!

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