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Morning watch 8-26-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This sunny and blue sky morning weather is getting to be a habit around here-I have no problem with it! The starting temperature was 64 (F) 18 (C)

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I had my first sighting from the Andrews St. bridge as I spotted a falcon on the top ibeam northeast side of OCSR.

I reported that it looked like Dot.Ca (DC) but it wasn’t until I went over to Bragdon St. across the river from OCSR giving me a closer look, that I could ID it as Beauty. She was half asleep half the time.

img_0006-beauty-from-bragdon-place img_0015-beauty-half-asleep

The sun worked its way around to where the Beautyful one was, making it hard to get pics that weren’t washed out as she had her back facing me pretty much the whole time I watched her. She did some preening and stretching too!

img_0055-stretch img_0056-beauty

Around 7:30am I heard the chirping sound of DC-it sounded close by so I looked around but didn’t see him. I thought maybe he was on the west (river) side of the Radisson Hotel right next to where I was parked because Beauty perked up and was looking that way, so I went down to the Sister Cities pedestrian bridge where I could see. I never did find him but I enjoyed all the sights from that bridge-it’s been a while since I’ve visited it.

img_0053-gulls-on-cement img_0057-beauty-location-shot img_0058-andrews-st-bridge

img_0059-sister-cities-pedestrian-bridge img_0060-bragdon-place-at-top-of-stairs img_0061-gulls-all-lined-up

I crossed over to the the west side of the river and set up right below OCSR and Beauty.

img_0062-beauty-preening img_0063-beauty-from-below img_0064-beauty

I made my way back across the bridge to my car as I didn’t want a parking ticket (I got one there before) because I didn’t have any change to feed the meter. I took a few more pics while I was on the bridge.

img_0069-sister-cities-pedestrian-bridge img_0070-more-gulls img_0071-main-st-bridge-and-broad-st-bridge-behind-it img_0072-hello

Beauty finally turned around and flew off around 8:20am, circled above the Rochester Plaza Hotel a few times then disappeared behind OCSR heading southwest.

img_0078-beauty-half-asleep img_0082-stretch-out-those-wings img_0092-go img_0095-sun-washing-her-out

It was half hour before I found another falcon-again it was Beauty. I spotted her from the City Hall parking lot-she was up by the northwest cube tucked in a corner surrounded by beams making it very difficult to see her.


I tried different angles and finally found a spot on Church St. where I could see just about all of her hidden in the shadows.

img_0099-beauty-with-no-head img_0103-hiding-well

I knew thru past experience that she would be staying there for a while so I set out to look for DC. I never found him but in my travels I saw a guy washing windows on the top round (restaurant) part of OCSR, lots of gulls down on the flats of the river between the Court and Broad St. bridges and a welder doing work on the railing on the Broad St. bridge.

img_0106-window-washer-on-top-round-part-of-ocsr img_0111-2-canada-geese-in-the-mix img_0113-working-on-bridge-railing

That’s all she wrote folks-I left downtown and checked the Hawkeye plant, Kodak Park research building and area and last Seneca Towers before heading up 16 floors to my home. No other falcons seen but I spent a lot of time with Beauty and that is always worth a smile! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 8-26-14”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    Thanks for the welcome home, MAK… I have my new knee and am ready for business…Glad there are still “friends ” to watch….And fantastic pictures to view!

  2. MAK Says:

    Hi June, welcome back! I trust your knee surgery was a success. Beauty stays around all year so we always have her to find and observe. DC didn’t migrate last year but he did the year before-we’ll have to wait and see what he does this year. 🙂

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