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Morning watch 7-22-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Well folks I don’t really have much to report. Yesterday morning I caught a glimpse of who I decided was Archer because I saw a white spot on the right wing. He was perched on the deck next to cam4. That was it then I had to get home.

This morning I spotted a falcon on the top arm of the FCT from the Broad St. bridge. I drove over to Plymouth Ave. for a closer look. The pics I took were of poor quality because it was still a bit dark out. I reported it to be Beauty but I now believe it was Archer judging by size. He flew off to the northeast. I sat there for a couple minutes and saw a falcon fly to the southeast side landing under the platform. I drove over to the City Hall parking lot for a good angle and set my camera up in my window mount. After examining my first pics I knew for sure this was Beauty.

morning-watch-7-22-11-022-beauty2 morning-watch-7-22-11-016-beauty1

As I watched her preen and scratch I noticed a security guard walking toward me. I haven’t been hassled in awhile by anybody. I smiled and yelled good morning as he approached the truck. He said morning and said he thought I was taking pictures of the building. Of course I said no I’m watching a falcon up on the Frontier Communications Tower. He laughed saying  they come back every year. I said actually the female stays here year round and with that he told me to have a good day and walked back to City Hall.

It was good to spend some time with the Beautyful one, 45 minutes in fact. She was busy cleaning herself up for the warm day ahead of her.

morning-watch-7-22-11-013-b morning-watch-7-22-11-035-beauty

Sorry the pics aren’t as clear as they could be for I was trying some different settings on my camera. I think I need lots more practice with that! lol I hated to leave this morning but was thankful for the time spent with our downtown Beauty! 🙂

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