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Morning watch 7-23-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was 40 minutes into my watch before I found Archer on the top arm of the FCT.


He took off almost immediately to the north. I watched him go to the launchpad of the Kodak Office tower and then drove over there for a closer look.


He didn’t stay there for long before he was off flying to the east and out of sight. I drove over to the Broad St. bridge and as I was making my u-turn to face the nestbox I spotted a falcon who I now know was Beauty on the deck. I parked the truck and when I looked up she was gone. 10 minutes later I found Beauty under the platform on the FCT.

morning-watch-7-23-11-032-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-011-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-026-beauty

morning-watch-7-23-11-028-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-031-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-035-beauty

She seemed to make a bowing movement at first so I thought maybe Archer was in the middle of the tower hiding. She settled down and just perched and preened and so I decided Archer was not there. I spent nearly 2 hours with the Beautyful one before she decided to go to the middle of the tower under the platform presumably to get out of the sun.

morning-watch-7-23-11-033-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-037-b-moving-in-out-of-sun

I figured she would be in there a while so I ended the watch and headed home for breakfast. Going to be another hot one today so keep cool any way you can! 🙂

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