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Falcon Watch – Friday – 7/10/09 – Mariah Cools Down at High Falls

From Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P:

Lots of Watchers out on a beautiful, warm day: Jim P, Brian H, Lisa McK, Dan S, Susan C, Lynda & Carol P. (hope I’m not missing someone).

Early this morning, I spotted a Falcon on top of the High Falls stack (around 6:55 am). Due to size, I’m pretty sure it was Mariah and she was vocalizing.

Didn’t see any other Falcons nearby, but Archer and Beauty had been seen in the Times Square nest box early morning.

At noon, Archer and Beauty were both on the old Changing Scenes Restaurant, north side, 2nd I-Beam down.

Mariah was on the east side gorge wall, just south of the observation deck.

She remained there until 2:55 pm, when she took off. She flew over the river, heading west. Then north, under the pedestrian bridge, over the Bee Bee Station. Did a U-Turn, heading back towards us, very low and under the bridge, out the other side, down the east side gorge wall. She then made a few low passes over the observation deck, turned back towards us skimming the treeline on the east side of the gorge. Mariah flew very low over us, again heading north. You could see that she was looking down at us as she passed overhead.  We lost sight of her over the Smith St. Bridge area.

It was wonderful seeing her flying so beautifully over her gorge. 🙂

Around 3:30 pm, she returned to the Kodak Tower, landing on the launch pad.  That’s where she remained when we left at 4 pm. Earlier, when no one was looking, Archer & Beauty had left the old Changing Scenes Restaurant.

Carol P.

7 Responses to “Falcon Watch – Friday – 7/10/09 – Mariah Cools Down at High Falls”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    You know, to me it seems she KNOWS your all there for her. She is so smart, she knows she was hurt, and her “friends” saved her once. I think its great she flys low and checks you out!! Thanks for all your hard work (is it work?). I don’t write too much, but I check every few days as to what is happening in Rochester. They are all just amazing creatures aren’t they!

  2. Kathy Villone Says:

    Thanks so much for that news, Mariah is having a good ol’ time and well too..I am so glad. Do you think she is purposely staying clear of B&A? I feel bad, she is alone..no boyfriend..so to speak.

  3. June Kogut Says:

    I really enjoyed the pictures (with music…nice choice). She is so-ooo special isn’t she? Thank you for spending the time and sharing them with us.

  4. Caye Says:

    Bravo! to you,Mariah! I agree with with June, Marilyn and Kathy. She is busy saying thank-you and see how great I feel? And I say thanks to you for all the hard work. I also check several times a day and have enjoyed this summer in spite of all the set backs. Caye

  5. Debbe L Says:

    Great report! Mariah was entertaining you all by putting on her own aerial show for you – and what a beautiful sight that had to be! Maybe that was her way of also saying, ‘Thank you for saving mylife!’

  6. Joan Says:

    Mariah looks just wonderful and healthy. It has been so good to see her back. She is again enjoying her home in Rochester. I love the video and when Mariah spreads her wings, she looks so beautiful. The music is great with the video. Thank you for sharing this with us and thanks to you and all the falcon watchers for the time you give and the work you do.

  7. Kathy Villone Says:

    Right on Debbe L..I agree..we should all be happy that she is staying around for all of us to enjoy, and staying safe. God has to watch over her, as well as her “ANGELS” her on earth, are watching over her. Thank you all for all the hard work you are doing.

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