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Morning watch 10-28-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A very mild fall morning with a busy breeze, overcast conditions and a starting temperature of  64 (F) 18 (C)

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For the 3rd straight day I have seen no falcons at Seneca Towers or Hawkeye either before or after going downtown for my watch. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere-probably just changed up their routine.

I was a bit late arriving downtown today at 8am as there was a major traffic back up on Lake Ave. due to milling of the intersection at Lyell Ave. I didn’t have to look for long as I pulled over on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) to see both Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) on the base of Mercury. He was in the green part and she was on the corner behind him on the concrete part. She stood there facing him and he kept looking over his shoulder at her.

img_0001-dc-wants-beautys-food img_0003-dc-glances-over-his-shoulder-at-food

At one point, he turned so much that he lost his balance and almost got blown off by the wind.  A couple minutes later DC flew off to the northwest and a minute after that it was revealed what he kept looking at over his shoulder-FOOD. Beauty started plucking feathers after she looked around to see that the coast was clear. Funny little man, that DC! Here I thought he was looking at Beauty, but as you can plainly see on one of my videos he was interested in what was under her.

img_0005-hes-gone-coast-is-clear img_0006-time-to-chow-down img_0007-beauty

She went to the far side of the base where I could only see the top of her head at times-so I went down to the hole where I could have seen her had she not flown off before I got there.

img_0010-peek-a-boo-i-see-you-beauty img_0011-cant-hide-from-me

I went in search of these tricky little falcons and 20 minutes later  I spotted DC from across the river on Bragdon St. where I was checking the elevator shaft. He was on the Elwanger and Barry building across from the Rochester Plaza Hotel eating. By the time I got to State St. he was gone so I continued on and found him on the base of Mercury. No doubt he was checking for any leftovers Beauty had left behind earlier.


I drove down to the hole where Bank Place meets Aqueduct St. and caught him just before he flew off to the Times Square building at 8:32am coming to rest under the southeast wing.

img_0014-off-to-times-square img_0015-on-his-way-to-times-square

Now parked on Basin St. and facing Times Square I could see Beauty under the northeast wing with her back to me. DC feaked a bit then flew off less than 10 minutes later to parts unknown.

img_0017-beauty1 img_0018-beauty1 img_0019-dc-feaking img_0020-dc2

Beauty turned to watch DC fly away and this is how I spent the rest of my watch-sharing space with the Beautyful one. I checked for DC on my way out of downtown but didn’t see him again. I ended my watch at 9:45am. That boy makes me smile on a regular basis with his food loving antics! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 10-28-14”

  1. Patricia Rose Says:

    DC- typical man-“Gee, hun, can I have just a bite?” hahaha! 😀

  2. MAK Says:

    He really cracks me up Patricia! 🙂

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