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Morning watch 11-25-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a very dark overcast morning with a temperature of 43 (F) 6 (C)

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Right out of the gate today I heard a falcon vocalizing as I crossed the parking lot to my car at Seneca Towers. I looked up but didn’t see it anywhere on the east side, nor did I see one as I left and checked the west and south sides. Onward to downtown where I found Beauty on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR.


I left her to look for Dot.Ca (DC) but wasn’t able to locate him and when I returned Beauty was gone. I did see 2 Black-crowned Night Herons in the big tree at Aqueduct Park so I took a walk down there to check them out.

img_0007-bcnh-2 img_0009-bcnhs img_0015-bcnh-2

Right around 7:30am Donna tweeted that DC was on the nest ledge. Thanks Donna-with all the leaves gone I was able to see him thru the trees.


As I made my way up to the hole I saw DC fly from next to the main cam around to the back of Times Square (TSB).  He came to rest on the north side near the northwest corner and soon after DC flew back around to the front  of the building landing under the northeast wing, then off again to the north out of sight.

img_0021-dc2 img_0026-dc-is-off img_0027-dc

I went north too and came upon both Beauty and DC on the Kodak Office (KO) launchpad. He was on the northeast corner and she was in the middle of the east side. It looked like she was eating something from behind as she had her back to me as I was parked on State St. near Platt St.


DC turned around so I went further up State St. just past Brown St. where I could see the front of them. At 8:07am DC went off into a stoop heading north at break neck speed straight down State St. and as he reached Jay St. he hung a left and flew out of view.

img_0035-bdc img_0036-bdc

Beauty had flown off too and when DC returned to KO they circled around KO together presumably looking for prey. Beauty landed on the northeast corner of the launchpad with food. She walked back to the spot on the east side where she had previously been with the food in her talon.  DC landed on the northeast corner right after she moved.

img_0039-beauty2 img_0040-bdc

DC flew off after a quick look at the food Beauty had and landed on the southeast corner  to watch the Beautyful one as she plucked feathers.


DC walked toward Beauty and she turned her back to him, so he flew off around the building and returned to the southeast corner.  Every time DC made a move toward Beauty she turned her back to him-he went from one corner to the other. It was pretty darn funny to witness as he tried to sneak up behind her a couple times and give up when she turned to face him and thwart his attempts to get some grub.

img_0046-dc-makes-his-approach img_0047-dc-lands img_0053-bdc1 img_0057-dc-starts-moving-toward-beauty

Beauty settled on the northeast corner and watched Beauty eat for a few minutes then he turned his back on her.

img_0059-bdc img_0060-dc-turns-his-back img_0061-dc-trying-to-ignore-beauty-eating-behind-him img_0062-bdc

At 8:26am DC took off again leaving my field of vision-I caught a glimpse of him flying below the southeast corner at which point Beauty stopped eating and walked over to the northeast corner of the launchpad. She feaked and pooped then walked half way back stopping between her leftovers and the corner.

img_0063-dc-off-in-a-blur img_0065-beauty img_0066-beautyful img_0067-poop

Suddenly around 8:45am DC returned to grab the leftovers and took them to the southeast corner to eat as Beauty watched. This is where I left them as I had to get a couple teeth pulled and had to get going.


When I arrived at Seneca Towers I spotted a falcon on one of the the south end antennas as I pulled into my parking lot. At first I thought it was 99 but when it flew off a couple minutes later I knew it was Billie, as it was much too big to be him. She flew down the west side toward the northwest end out of view.

img_0076-billie img_0080-buffalo-billie

I ended my watch at 9:10am with a smile after a very entertaining watch! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning watch 11-25-14”

  1. Matt Says:

    I observed a Falcon eating a grey squirrel in my front yard yesterday in Gates.
    I was able to get a photo of him through my window.
    I checked falcon webpage , but there is nowhere to check this out.
    Please, give me an email address and I will send you the photo.
    Maybe you can identify him by name.

  2. MAK Says:

    Hi Matt, my email address is mkurtz3@gmail.com I’ll try to ID it but I suspect it was a hawk because Peregrine Falcons don’t generally eat on the ground nor do they eat squirrels. Their menu consists of mainly birds. 🙂

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