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Morning watch 12-26-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Same weather as yesterday morning-overcast but not nearly as windy-temperature 43 (F) 6 (C)

My watch began at Seneca Towers with  99 who was on a pipe at the northwest corner of the roof.  He flew off to the south at 7:52am.

img_0004-992 img_0006-991 img_0007-991

I left for downtown when 99 didn’t come back. As I pulled over to look around on the Broad St. bridge I spotted a falcon on the top ibeam near the south corner of OCSR. I went down to Bank Place where it meets Aqueduct Street in the hole to identify it as Beauty.

img_0015-beauty3 img_0017-beauty1 img_0022-beautyful

She was mostly stretching  and looking around. After a while I decided to drive down to Graves St. by Aqueduct Park at Main St.-it puts me right below OCSR.

img_0025-beauty2 img_0028-stretch-it-out img_0031-beauty2

The Beautyful one pooped and preened and stretched and looked around some more. For not doing much, she sure was keeping busy at it, so much that it kept me entertained.

img_0032-a-parting-gift-for-mak img_0033-fantail img_0035-beauty3

Beauty just doing the morning routine while she waits for Dot.ca to show up. I left her to look for him but I had no luck-I ended my watch at 9am. Keep smiling! 🙂

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