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Morning watch 9-29-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

On a very dark gloomy morning I found the Beautyful one and suddenly the day got brighter! She was on the northeast corner of  HSBC. As I drove to a spot where I could check the north side of the building for Archer she took off. When I next looked Beauty was on the northwest corner and Archer was right above her on the railing.

morning-watch-9-29-11-002-ba morning-watch-9-29-11-003-ba morning-watch-9-29-11-005-ba

Archer soon hopped down onto the roof and it looked like he was eating. I drove to another location for a better view and when I stopped to look Archer was gone and Beauty left almost as soon as I got there. She headed toward the river so I thought perhaps they had gone to Times Square to bond at the nestbox. They did not and it would be half hour before I spotted Archer peeking out from high atop the Xerox tower on the column at the northwest corner.

morning-watch-9-29-11-008-a morning-watch-9-29-11-009-a

He left after 10 minutes and I missed it! As I set out to look for Beauty and Archer on the east side I got a text from Donna that Beauty was next to the main cam “yakking”. I went  to the Broad St. bridge but couldn’t see Beauty or Archer anywhere so I drove down to Aqueduct St. where I found Beauty on Widows Walk east side with her back to me.

morning-watch-9-29-11-010-b morning-watch-9-29-11-012-b morning-watch-9-29-11-013-b

I was parked in the alley next to the Wilder building when Beauty flew off around the back of the Times Square building out of my field of vision momentarily. She suddenly appeared  flying through between the Times Square  and Democrat and Chronicle buildings in my direction going over the parking lot and Wilder building disappearing above me. I didn’t see her but she came back and landed next on the column ledge 1 level above the nestbox.

morning-watch-9-29-11-028-b morning-watch-9-29-11-027-b

She kept looking around as she preened a bit shaking off the light rain that had begun to fall. Occasionally I could hear her whine so I got the impression Archer was somewhere near that she could see him but I could not.

morning-watch-9-29-11-021-beauty morning-watch-9-29-11-026-b

I ended my watch satisfied that I had seen our downtown dynamic duo. Enjoy the day and smile much!  🙂

Link for a video of the Beautyful one:


4 Responses to “Morning watch 9-29-11”

  1. Ginny Says:

    I loved the video MAK….Beauty is so “beauty-ful” and well I LOVE that girl! 🙂

  2. margaret Says:

    I just tried to post here, but got an error message again telling me that I had to sign in email etc. That happens every once in a while lately? Why?
    What I wrote is
    Love the video, MAK. Beauty looks so content in it. And I love the art deco background of the TS building. It is such a beauty-ful building for our Beauty!

  3. MAK Says:

    Ginny I feel the same and Margaret it is a beauty-ful building in a beauty-ful city! I believe the error business is due to Shaky doing maintenance on the website. 🙂

  4. Poradnik Moda Says:

    Awesomepost. By the way- I was searching on your site RSS or email subscription. Have You got any?

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