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Morning watch 9-30-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

As I was approaching the Broad St. bridge this morning I got a text from Donna that Beauty was at the nestbox. I did my u-turn so I was facing the Times Square building and couldn’t see her. Donna said she left so I focused my trusty binocs on the FCT off in the distance to see the shape of a falcon on the top arm east side. I drove over to city hall and could verify that it was Archer.

morning-watch-9-30-11-002-archer morning-watch-9-30-11-006-a

About 10 minutes later Archer flew off heading north he snuck back and landed on the west side top arm of the FCT.


15 minutes later Archer flew to the south and I thought he might be going to meet Beauty at the scrape for I got a text from Donna that Beauty was there. So I drove over to the Broad St. bridge but by the time I got there she was gone and Archer wasn’t around either. For the next 20 minutes or so I searched for our downtown duo and finally while parked on the Andrews St. bridge I spotted a falcon on the east (river)side of the cupola over on the KO tower. I sped over to Mill St. and managed to get 2 pics of Archer before he flew off to the north out of sight.

morning-watch-9-30-11-014-a morning-watch-9-30-11-015-a

I thought he might be going to see Unity at KP at  the time. I drove around the city for nearly an hour and during this time I stopped on the Broad St. bridge to take pics of  a juvenile and adult Great Blue Heron fishing down in the river.

morning-watch-9-30-11-017-gbh morning-watch-9-30-11-020-gbh

I then proceeded to the Court St. bridge where I spotted Mr. Archer under the southeast wing of the Times Square building. I went over to Aqueduct St. and snapped off a couple rounds of him before he took off.

morning-watch-9-30-11-027-a morning-watch-9-30-11-028-a morning-watch-9-30-11-029-a

At this time my trusty assistant Donna texted me that both Beauty and Archer had been at the nestbox and I missed it! Imagine that! lol Finally after eluding me I spotted the Beautyful one up on the base of Mercury.


With the sun behind her I decided to leave Aqueduct St. and go up on the Broad St. bridge where I could get a front shot with the sun behind me. Well she was barely peeking out at me and then she was gone!

morning-watch-9-30-11-032-b morning-watch-9-30-11-033-b

Vanished off the back of Mercury and that was the last glimpse of either one of our resident falcons for this watch. I made a video of Archer when he was over on the FCT of which I will include the link to it at the bottom of this report. Enjoy the day and flash those pearly whites with a smile!  🙂


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