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Morning watch 10-4-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It is with great sadness that I must tell you this will be my last report for sometime to come.Β  I will not have access to a vehicle and I will be having knee replacement surgery on Oct. 17 and won’t be able to drive for awhile after that anyway. That being said on to my report.

To my surprise I found Archer on the Xerox tower this morning on the southeast corner column.

morning-watch-10-04-11-001-a morning-watch-10-04-11-002-a

Less than 5 minutes later he was gone and I missed it! AndΒ  that’s how it goes in the life of a falcon watcher sometimes. It would be some 45 minutes later before I spotted both Beauty and Archer on the top ibeam of the OCSR building west side. They flew off almost as soon as I saw them. About 10 minutes later I spotted a falcon on the jail tower from the Broad St. bridge. I whipped over to Troup St. for a closer view and could clearly ID it as Archer.


Donna texted me at this time to let me know that Beauty had been in and out of the nestbox quickly. I had seen a falcon fly up to, land and then go in the nestbox shortly after they both flew off the OCSR building but I missed anybody come back out. So it was the Beautyful one that I had seen up there. 5 minutes later as I approach the Times Square building northbound on Exchange street I could see both Beauty and Archer on the south side of Times Square. He was on the corner and she was on the next column over to his left 1 level lower than the nestbox.

morning-watch-10-04-11-023ba click on pic for full viewmorning-watch-10-04-11-030-ba

It had begun to rain making for bad photo taking but I clicked away just the same!

morning-watch-10-04-11-035-b morning-watch-10-04-11-038-a

Our downtown Rochester pair remained perched there for the remainder of my watch. I took a video of them which I will post the link for at the bottom of this report as well as the link for an album from my watch with some surprises I found along the way. Plus a bonus video of the raging Genesee River with some of it’s inhabitants. I hope you enjoy these. As always I hope you have a great day and keep smiling until we meet again! πŸ™‚




12 Responses to “Morning watch 10-4-11”

  1. Christiane Says:


    Will miss your Beautiful photo galleries and know that all your hard work to capture Rfalcons and for bringing them to our desktops up close & personal ; it is so much appreciated. Wishing you only the best on your upcoming surgery, a speedy recovery and know that I will keep you in my prayers on the 17th–it’s also my birthday on that day! Will be looking forward to your return to enjoying and doing what you do best! Christiane

  2. Braveheart2665 Says:

    My thoughts & prayers will be with you for your upcoming knee surgery & I will pray for a swift recovery so that you will be back on falcon watch in no time. Your reports are wonderful & I always look forward to reading them & looking at you great pictures. Thank you so much for all you do. The Beautyful & one & her man Archer will be waiting for you.
    Peace to you,

  3. Ed Says:

    Saw a Falcon eating something, i think a squirrel, on top of an air conditioner a few hours ago in the LES. stood there for about 2 hours looking at every squirrel passing by. I was huge with brown and white feathers.

  4. Ginny Says:

    Dear MAK…I wish and pray for the best outcome for your surgery and I will miss your reports, photos and videos so much! They are such a bright spot in my day.
    I loved all your photos and videos from today and I am so HAPPY that the Beauty-ful one and her sweet little man both were there this morning for you!
    Please keep in touch and I send you much love.
    πŸ™‚ (see I’m smiling) πŸ™‚

  5. margaret Says:

    MAK, I wish you the best in your surgery. What will we do without all of your wonderful reports and pictures? How long do you think you will be out? You have my email; please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, or if I can take you anywhere. I WILL make the time if you need something in the late afternoon or evening! Keep us posted as to how YOU are! We know that Donna will keep the cams covered, but YOU have to keep us posted about you. Peace and good health!

  6. Kris G. Says:

    You know I’ll be in touch but also want to thank you for all your reports, pics and videos-great job! My thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  7. Bobbie Says:

    We will miss you SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! (See ya soon, tho!)

  8. MAK Says:

    Good morning everyone from MAKs’ place! I’d like to thank all of you for your kind words and well wishes. I thought I would be watching and reporting right up to my surgery date but circumstances at home prevent me access to the truck. I’ve been told it could be up to a month before I can drive post-op but if I have access to some wheels by then I’m sure I’ll be driving much sooner! When it comes to falcon watching it’s hard to refrain myself! It’s only the first day and already I miss it. I hope to get the other knee replaced around the new year depending on how my rehab with the first one goes. In case I forget Christiane Happy Birthday on the 17th! Until next time-SMILE! πŸ™‚

  9. carla Says:

    MAK,first of all I wish you a quick recovery .Thanks for all your reports ,I didn’t have time enough to post lately,but reading your reports I always knew what was going on in Rochester.Get well soon.
    Greetings Carla

  10. Alison Says:

    Late but not the less hearty for that, I wish you the best of luck with the knee surgery – do all your rehab exercises faithfully, knowing that the more you do them (painful though they may be), the sooner you will be able to do everything you want in terms of getting around.

  11. MAK Says:

    Thank you Carla and Alison! I intend to do my best with my rehab! πŸ™‚

  12. Modny Poradnik Says:

    Thanks for your opst. It’s more useful that I was thinking.

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