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Mariah at the Medley Center (aka Irondequoit Mall) on Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Rochester Falcon Watcher – Carol P.

Well, its been a really long time since my last post.  This is a Watch Report that I’ve been wanting to post for a very long time.

Yesterday, Dana reported seeing a Falcon at the Medley Ctr in Irondequoit, NY at noon.  This is a suburb of Rochester, just north of the city.  It was a dark, overcast day and she only had a small camera with her.  When I enlarged the picture, I was pretty sure this bird was banded on the right leg.  Now let’s speed to Saturday morning.

Dana called me just before 11 am.  I was at work and I was just getting ready to leave.  She and Lou had just watched a Falcon eating a Pigeon at the Medley Ctr, near Macy’s.  When the Falcon finished eating, it flew to another part of the Mall, landing on top of a peaked, glass roof.  She and Lou had to leave, so I told her that I would be picking up Brian soon and that we’d head over to the Mall.

The Falcon was still on  the peaked glass roof of the Mall when we got there.  I set up the new Watcher’s Scope (thanks everyone!) and we had our first close-up views.  Brian said “I see a band on the right foot!”  I took a look through the scope just in time to see the right foot come up for a quick scratch.  “Blue with a yellow racing stripe!!!”  Woo Hoo!  It was Mariah and she was looking MARVELOUS!

As Brian and I were doing our happy Falcon dance, we started making phone calls to all the Watchers we could think of.  Before long, Watchers started to arrive from near and far.  Let’s see, there was Brian, Dan S, Larry O, Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dawn, Joyce, Ginny, Dana, Lou, Lynda and Carol P.  I think that’s everyone.

While we were Watching Mariah, a car pulled up.  It was Cornpoppy!  He had a friend with him and had just been on his way to Sears, when he saw some familiar folks just milling around the parking lot with binoculars, cameras and a scope.

Mariah made some short flights around the Mall, returning to the glass peaked roof three times.  The last time she flew off was around 3:00 pm.  She headed east where we lost sight of her.

John Carlos arrived just after Mariah left.

She looked wonderful, no evidence of the wound on her chest.  This was the first time we had been able to positively ID Mariah since she left the downtown area.  I’ll bet you all know where the Falcon Watchers will be tomorrow morning.  😉

So many thanks to Dana for being the first one to spot Mariah at the Medley Mall!

UPDATE:  Below is the URL to a KGallery Album with pictures from today’s watch.  No sign on needed.  Enjoy!  Carol P.


or tiny url:


25 Responses to “Mariah at the Medley Center (aka Irondequoit Mall) on Saturday, October 24, 2009”

  1. carla Says:

    Big News…Big News……………..

    Thanks Carol ,
    Great Watch Report.And thanks Dana , Lou and all the other watchers.
    Greetings Carla

  2. debbie Says:

    oh such happy news on a cold, gray day…..Mariah the Queen

  3. DianaR Says:

    That is the best news I’ve read in a very long time!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  4. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wow, I am doing a virtual Happy Dance here in Carmel. What great news.
    Can hardly wait to read if you get to see her again tomorrow as well.

  5. Kathy Villone Says:

    I live east of the Medley Ctr. and I think I have seen what I thought was a falcon or a hawk flying around. It was flying up so high, and just soaring around in a circle. My first thought was a gull, but they don’t fly that high, as I have never seen them. Bet it was Mariah…sure would like to think it was.

  6. Kathy Villone Says:

    Thank you so much for the update, I have wondering how she was doing, now I know.

  7. Pam Says:

    Long live Queen Mariah!

  8. Barb Says:

    Yes Thank you Watchers!

    I’m Happy oh so Happy!

  9. Carol Says:

    I’ve added a KGallery album of pictures from today’s Mariah Watch. Check out the update at the bottom of the post.

  10. Rock Says:

    Right around the corner. You know where I will be tomorrow!! Very cool!!

  11. Vicki in IL Says:

    What wonderful news! I’m glad she is doing well. Thanks to all of you for keeping us in the loop. Vicki

  12. kathy Says:

    Boy does Mariah ever look good in those photos you captured of her, seriously she looks years younger! No doubt not having territory to constantly defend and being able to just focus on herself for a change has done her a world of good. She looks very strong and healthy and beautiful!

  13. Audrey (London Uk) Says:

    So happy to read that the beautiful Mariah has been sighted, it quite made my day. Who knows what 2010 will bring!!

  14. Ruth G Says:

    I, too, thought I had seen a falcon near 104 coming in from Webster! Great, great news! You go, Mariah!

  15. Carol Says:

    A Quick Update: Sunday – 10/25/09 – At 7:00 am, Dana saw Mariah on the glass peaked roof on her way to work. At 10:00 am, while I was parked on the north side of the mall, Mariah flew in from the west, almost flying directly over me heading east. I tried to follow, but without wings of my own, it was impossible. 🙂 As far as I know, there were no Mariah sightings after that. We’ll keep watching! – Carol P.

  16. Maureen in MA Says:

    Finally, a Mariah sighting, yippeeeeee!! 😀 Something we have ALL been waiting for!! It is so good to know that she is well and everything is going well for her. Thank you, Carol P. for that great news and the pictures… and to everyone else who has and continues to be on the lookout for Mariah!! What awesome news!! 😀

  17. Margaret Says:

    What glorious news! Thank you to all for the update and great news. Every morning I log on to check if there is news of a Mariah sighting.
    Today, you made my day. Please keep the good news coming!
    Thank you.

  18. Pat W Says:

    Great news! I have really been orried about her. Thanks all for the updates. Thanks Carol for the great pixs.

  19. Barb C Says:

    Thank You This has made my day. The pictures are great, it looks like she is posing for you in a few of them. Mariah rules.

  20. Pat W Says:

    Great news. I have been worried about her. Thanks for great pixs and updates

  21. chicki Says:

    I was soooo missing her a couple weeks ago, I ordered a sweatshirt with her picture on it, just to have her around! I actually wore it over near the Medley Center – think she spotted it and thought there was ANOTHER female in town?? Maybe I should consider myself lucky that she didn’t pursue a territorial “dive bomb” on me 🙂
    Thanks for finding her!!

  22. Isabella Leonardo Says:

    I think I saw Mariah on the telephone line over at Wal-Mart on Hudson early in the morning about 10:00 A.M last Friday.

  23. Debbe L Says:


  24. Melissa in MA Says:

    What fantastic news! And she DOES look exceptionally well! What great
    teamwork the “watchers” have! (and that band came in handy!) 😉

  25. Kareem Koschnitzki Says:

    Very nice blog, thanks for share this article with us

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