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Morning watch 1-15-12

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Joyce picked me up around 10:15am and we went downtown straight away. It didn’t take long to find  Beauty. She was on the cupola of the Kodak Office Tower south side. With bright sunshine and blue skies she was looking especially… well, Beautyful!

img_0402-beauty img_0403-b img_0404-b img_0405-b

The bad news is I only took a few pics today. The good news is they are all of Beauty!

img_0406-b1 img_0409-b1 img_0413-b1

The clouds rolled in and it became overcast and the Beautyful one seemed like she would be settled in for a while so we left to pick up Brian. We then went to Kodak Park where we found KathyO just arriving ahead of us. Unfortunately Unity was not around so after a brief stay we headed out for Charlotte. On the way we stopped and drove through Holy Sepulchre Cemetary looking for birds. We didn’t spend much time there either for Brian needed to be dropped off at his buddys’ house for football playoffs. After we said our goodbyes, Joyce and I whipped down to Charlotte where I spotted the female Snowy Owl. Falcon watcher Lynda named her Summer yesterday and so I will refer to her as such in the future. Anyway, Summer was on a rooftop of an apartment complex across the Genesee River over in Summerville. I took a few pics but it was such a long distance they came out very blurry so sorry I have none to post in this report.

Lisa McKeown had invited me to go to Mendon Ponds Park for Winterfest and so we had to leave so I could get home in time for her to pick me up.When Lisa arrived Joyce was still at my house and thus she was asked to join us. She was more than happy to do so since she is always the one doing the driving.  I didn’t know Lisa had to help June Summers(GVAS) who had a display at  the event and so Joyce and I went to visit the birds and folks over at Wild Wings. We saw Dana and Lou who came for a visit. It’s always an enjoyable time to go there! After  the event finished up at 4:00pm Lisa,Joyce and I took a ride out to Lima to look for Short-earred owls. We were in luck for we had 5 sightings of them and one Harris Hawk. As darkness came upon us we ended our day. Joyce asked since she had left her vehicle at my house would I like to use it for a morning watch tomorrow and then I could bring it out to her when I’m done so she could get to work. Of course I said yes! So Lisa dropped Joyce off at her place and then brought me home. I had a great time this weekend with my falcon watcher friends and I want all of you to know how appreciative I am of all of you for taking me out to do what I so love to do. I can’t help but smile!  🙂

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