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Unity on the Road, Well Above the Road on a Telephone Pole – 1/16/12

Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

On my way home, I always try to stop at Kodak Park to check on Unity. It’s on my way home. Today I got off at Lexington and turned left onto Lee Rd, which would take me to Ridgeway and Kodak Park.

As I drove down Lee Rd towards Ridge Way (at the lights in the distance), I spotted a large bird on the 2nd telephone pole from the left. Hmmm, was it a Red-tail Hawk? As I got closer, I realized it was NOT a RTH or a Coop or a Merlin. It was………..Unity!

If you’d like t see a few pictures I took, you can check them out by clicking on this link to my KGallery Album. No sign on necessary.  I luckily had my little camera wth me.  Hey!  It was better than nothing!  🙂



Carol P.

One Response to “Unity on the Road, Well Above the Road on a Telephone Pole – 1/16/12”

  1. Alison Says:

    A little camera in your hands provides us with a big treat, Carol P.

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