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Morning watch 1-19-12

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I left  this morning so excited to be free of the house thanks to my friend Tesa who dropped her minivan off to me last night. She told me I won the publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes and I could keep her vehicle for the next few days. Now I don’t need to find a ride to the hospital Monday for my knee replacement surgery for she will come pick it up there! Hot diggity dog 4 straight days of falcon watching and I don’t know, whatever I want to do.WOOHOO!

So I got downtown just at daybreak and the search was on! After driving around the city for an hour I decided to park it on the Andrews St. Bridge where I could see KO,FCT,Mercury,TS and everything in between. After a bit I texted Donna to have her let me know if Beauty showed up on Mercury while I went to check down river by the Kodak Hawkeye plant. After checking the camera she informed that the Beautyful one had been there at 7:24 for about 3 minutes. As luck would have it I was over by HSBC at that time so I missed her. Suddenly I spotted some pigeons scattering over the river and sure enough there was a Peregrine on their tails. Beauty chased them up river and behind the Radisson Hotel out of view. I then left for the Broad St. bridge and after sitting there for maybe 5 minutes I spotted Beauty on the northeast corner of the Crossroads building. She was looking big as life in the sunshine and she had breakfast.

img_0439-b img_0440-b img_0441-b img_0442-b

It looked pretty red and meaty so I presume she caught one of those pigeons for a fresh meal! I watched her for about 10 minutes when she picked up what was left of her prey and flew off. I then spotted her on the platform railing of the FCT but as I got ready to take off from the bridge to go over there she flew off to the north and I never saw her again. I left downtown about 9:15 for I had a doctors appointment at 10:30 to get to. Since KP is just around the corner from my docs’ office I stopped to check on Unity but she was nowhere to be found. I also checked after my appointment and again this afternoon on my way home with no luck. I do hope she’s ok for she hasn’t been seen since our big windstorm the other night with a top wind gust at the airport of 72 mph. I will definitely check again tomorrow. While I was at KP in lot 77 I noticed a flock of Snow Buntings flitting through with their gorgeous white underparts.

img_0449-snow-buntings img_0451-snow-buntings

That’s it for this watch, so until next time keep a smile on that face cuz I love smiling faces! 🙂

One Response to “Morning watch 1-19-12”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Nice watch. Yea! Another bird species (snow bunting) to add to the Watchers list of sightings in Monroe County.

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