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Morning Falcon Watch 2-7-16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a brisk 27 (f) -3 (C) degrees with blue skies and sunshine

Today’s watch was all about our downtown pair Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) as I didn’t see any other Peregrine Falcons at either Seneca Towers or the Medley Centre.  Once I got downtown on the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) I spotted DC on the northeast corner of the Crossroads building. I drove to Graves St. where it meets Main St. right across the street from OCSR.


He did a lot of preening while I watched him up there and at 8:12am he flew off the back off Crossroads toward the Frontier Communications tower (FCT).


I drove over to FCT and found that DC was indeed over there on the large drum eating fast and furious. The fact that he wasn’t plucking feathers told me it was cached food.


At 8:18am Beauty flew in and DC took off with his leftovers. At first they were circling above me in the Hochstein School of Music parking lot then they went their separate ways with DC heading southeast toward OCSR and Beauty  disappearing behind City Place to the south.


I drove to the Times Square area and came upon the Beautyful one on the railing near the northeast corner of Widows Walk (WW). She was preening and picking at her talons so I surmised that she had been eating before she came on the scene. I pulled into the parking lot next to Times Square to observe her.


Beauty flew off after a few minutes and ended up over on the base of Mercury eating. I wish I had seen if the food was left there or if she got it from DC as I was turned the wrong way to see. I didn’t see DC around the immediate area as I crossed Exchange Blvd. to the hole parking lot to watch her.


With the sun behind her it wasn’t very good back lighting so I drove up on the Broad St. bridge where it was great but Beauty had her back to me for the most part. I checked out the river and found gulls from the north side of the bridge on the only rocks that were above the surface of the water for perching. On the south side of the bridge the flat rocks were completely covered and the mighty Genesee River was churning down through the locks and beyond.


Beauty turned to show me her side as she was pulling feathers out of her cache.


I left her at 9am and planned to go straight to the Medley Centre but I had to stop and pull into the parking lot next to Times Square when I almost got blinded by the bright white of DC on the northeast corner of Widows Walk.


I ended my watch when I got home to Seneca Towers at 9:35am. It’s a natural reaction to smile when watching falcons-something I do on a regular basis! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Morning Falcon Watch 2-7-16”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Nice pics! What a difference a sunny day with blue sky makes!

  2. MAK Says:

    Yes, I love it when the sun shines! 🙂

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